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Welcome to saintsweb, a forum for Saints fans around the world.

The forum is split into a number of sub-forums, each of which dealing with a different subject. Please ensure that, when posting, you post your message on the most appropriate one. They are as follows:

Southampton Football Club
The Saints - often referred to as the "Main Board", this is the forum for all Saints-related discussion, including the team, club finances, boardroom discussion, ticketing, transfer rumours, etc. We ask that supporters of other clubs do not post on this forum. Use "The Lounge" or "The Muppet Show" instead. This forum is now only visible to registered members to protect the load on the server at peak times, particularly matchdays. To view this forum, please register.
Overseas Saints/Supporters Groups - this forum is for discussion specific to Saints fans living outside of Southampton, both in the UK and overseas.
Saints Away Supporters - this forum is dedicated to away tickets, travel and experiences. Ticket info for away games will usually be posted here first.
SFC News on Demand - this forum contains links to RSS news feeds relating to Saints news across the Internet.

General Sports
England/Hampshire Cricket - this forum is for cricket discussion. There is a large England and Hampshire following on this website, so this is the place for like-minded discussion.
Southampton IFC - this forum is for discussion relating to local 5 and 11-a-side football, including the fans' team who play in Internet Football Association competitions.

The Lounge - this forum is for general discussion of "off-topic" matters, but generally on a serious note.
The Muppet Show - this forum is for light-hearted chat and banter, and most of the usual forum rules don't apply here (within reason). Racist, homophobic and/or pornographic content is still strictly forbidden. Some other content may not be safe for work... such content should clearly be marked in the topic title as "NSFW" or "NWS".

Hardware/Software Issues - this forum is for your general PC, iPod, PS2/3, Xbox, etc issues.
Computer Games - this forum is for computer games discussion.

Buy/Sell - if you have anything to sell, or are after something that someone on the forum might have available, here's where to look. Specific rules apply to this forum, and you should read the sticky topic in this forum before posting.
Film and Music - this forum is for film and music discussion.
The Southampton City Forum - discussion relating to the city of Southampton. There is also a sub-forum containing links to RSS news feeds relating to Southampton news.
Forum Suggestions - is there anything you'd like to see on saintsweb? Let us know here.
Golden Posts - any topics that have expired but the Admin Team deem worth keeping in the archive will be moved here. This is a read-only forum.

We have a set of rules and points of etiquette that we ask every user to respect and adhere to while using saintsweb. This isn't because we want to appear draconian, it's to ensure the smooth running of the forum and to make sure it doesn't descend into chaos like other forums often do. They are as follows:

  • DO respect other forum members' opinions, even if they differ from your own.
  • DO check that a topic you want to start hasn't already been posted - saintsweb is very busy, so it may have slipped off the first page.
  • DO check that what you are writing is relevant to the forum you are on. Any post deemed unsuitable to the forum topic will be moved.
  • DO respect decisions taken by the Admin Team, even if you don't agree with them.
  • DO contact a member of the Admin Team if you have a problem.
  • DO NOT deliberately start arguments. This is known as "trolling". It is usually very easy to spot, and offending threads will be locked or deleted.
  • DO NOT make sarcastic comments or imply that a thread is "boring" just because it doesn't interest you. If it doesn't interest you, please simply ignore the thread. If a particular user appears to irritate you on a regular basis, use the "Ignore User" feature.
  • DO NOT make threats or implied threats towards other members, even if you are "joking". The written media does not portray "jokes" like that very well.
  • DO NOT post comments that are libellous or potentially libellous. Anything deemed to fall into this category will be deleted without warning. The Administrators of this forum could be prosecuted for libellous content posted by another forum member. It is our responsibility, as the Admin Team, to exert reasonable control over forum content to this end, which is of course publicly visible.
  • DO NOT use CAPITAL LETTERS in topic titles, nor excessively large fonts in posts. Not only is this construed as shouting, it also causes problems for users browsing the forum on mobile devices.
  • DO NOT start a new topic that repeats a theme of a topic that has been locked or deleted by a member of the Admin Team. It was locked/deleted for a reason.
  • DO NOT post "Where's my post gone?" messages. If a message you posted was deleted, it will have been for a reason. Contact one of the Admin Team if this continues to bother you.
  • DO NOT write in "text speak". We are fortunate that the Internet is not like text messaging, in that it allows an unlimited number of letters, numbers and special characters to be printed. Please write in plain English.
  • DO NOT involve a forum member's personal life in forum discussions unless the discussion directly involves that member and he/she is happy for it to be discussed. If you are in any doubt, don't post it.
  • DO NOT post any threads inciting football-related violence or other acts of a criminal nature. Your details may be passed onto the police, including (but not limited to) your e-mail and IP address.
  • DO NOT post porn or other adult content. There are plenty of websites available for that sort of stuff, and children do use saintsweb.
  • DO NOT post racist and/or sexist messages.
  • DO NOT post politically sensitive messages.
  • DO NOT use the forum for spamming or scamming our members.
  • DO NOT post "FAO: <name>" messages. Use the Private Message system.
  • DO NOT post personal information on the forums. We recommend you don't post that sort of information in Private Messages either, while we believe our database is secure, you are advised to take your own security precautions as well.
  • DO NOT copy and paste entire articles from other websites on the forum. It is almost certainly a breach of copyright, and we get a lot of hassle from people at the Echo and the like because of it.
  • DO NOT attempt to circumvent the restrictions placed on non-paying users by creating topics specifically for them to post in.
  • DO NOT post direct links to "free" forums. If another forum contains information that is relevant to a discussion, a direct link to the specific topic or article is allowed.

In order that we have a well-defined system of disciplinary methods, we will utilise the "Infractions" system on this forum. These basically award points relative to the offence committed and remain in place for a given length of time, apply to all forums except where explicitly specified, and are listed below:

  • Posting a pointless or sarcastic remark - 1 point, expires after 1 month
  • Re-starting a theme of a locked topic - 2 point, expires after 6 months
  • Insulting or abusing another member - 2 points, expires after 6 months
  • Implied racist remark - 4 points, expires after 6 months
  • Posting an "inappropriate" image or link - 4 points, expires after 6 months
  • Circumventing the non-paying user restrictions - 5 points, expires after 6 months
  • Threatening behaviour towards another member - 5 points, expires after 6 months
  • Libel - 10 points, automatic 2-week ban

Accumulation of 10 unexpired points will result in an automatic two-week suspension. Members who have been subject to this two-week suspension who subsequently accumulate a further 10 points will receive a permanent ban.

If you are stupid enough to earn yourself a ban, be it permanent or temporary, don't attempt to register a new username so you can carry on posting. If we find out (which we usually do), your new username(s) will also be permanently banned.

A number of individual offences also carry instant permanent bans, including (but not necessarily limited to) posting pornographic images or links and blatant racism. Spamming "bots" shouldn't be a problem anymore after we switched on the admin-activated registration, but should any slip through the net, these will also be subject to instant and permanent bans.

Any ban for a paid subscriber will NOT result in a refund under any circumstances.

The Admin Team reserve the right to impose bans or posting restrictions at our discretion and to apply infraction points for reasons not listed above. We also reserve the right to amend the Forum Rules at any time.

You are able to see who comprises the current Admin Team at any time by clicking the "View Forum Leaders" link at the bottom of the front page of the forum.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy using saintsweb!

The Admin Team