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  1. ORLY ? Another Stupid Prediction

    Have you changed your mind about this season?

    [QUOTE=legends wear 7;844954]Not being relegated would be a good season[/QUOTE]

    Posted 10/9/10
    Verify : End of Season (May 2011)
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    Saints , Match Reaction
  2. ORLY ? Stickied "predictions" from the Main Board

    #1 : [url][/url]!

    Quickly locked, monkadill predicts Adkins to be sacked within 6 months as news of his resignation from Scvnthorpe breaks.

    Posted : 9/9/10
    Check date : 9/3/11

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  3. Day 7 : So far, anyway...

    After waking up at 5:15am a day's work preceded the 12:30 kick off in Group A between France and Mexic.... waaaaaait a minute !!?

    FIFA have done this before - the sneaky bu66ers must have switched the kick off times after the draw today. There's no other reason why my work calendar says "FRA v MEX" and that game's not happening until half 7, after two matches from Group B. Well, other than it's MY work calendar, and I did the fixtures on a spreadsheet, just like I did for ...

    Updated 18-06-2010 at 11:06 AM by The9

    World Cup 2010
  4. Day 6 : Catching Up

    Might be my last bit of Blogging for a few days as I have a Stag Do to attend soon, so I hope my fan isn't too disappointed. :D

    Quickly, and I do mean quickly, recapping the activities of 16th June - which I spent working from home and waking up before half 6 to get stuff done before the matches started !

    After the rigours of becoming a fan of Communist dictatorships on Tuesday (was it Tuesday ?), Day 6 of the World Cup kicked off (literally) with Group H and one of the ...

    Updated 17-06-2010 at 05:12 PM by The9

    World Cup 2010
  5. Day 5 (Part 2) : In Ride The Saviours... Wearing Red?!?!

    After 5 days of rubbish football, with the exception of Germany, and with the abysmal standard of New Zealand in particular fresh in the mind, it was with great relief that I sat down to watch the one-sided hammering with skills from any angle and at any time that was doubtless going to be...

    [B]Brazil v North Korea[/B] Group G

    The usual scanning of the crowd for Brazilian bimmers complete, and with me having not seen the bloke bursting into tears during the anthem ...
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