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  1. Summer 2012 HCDAJFU Thread - Premier League Special Edition

    [QUOTE=pingwing;1423718][QUOTE=James;1423657]Ridiculous move for him if true, more than good enough for the Premier League, get in their Nigel![/QUOTE]

    Wouldn't be surprised if QPR are paying him a top earner at the club wage, opposed to a within a budget wage everyone else would have been offering (his agent is his dad who I think is similar to Chamberlain's but pushier).

    Lots of potential but wouldn't be worth breaking the budget for a player who isn't at that level ...
  2. Mboro 2 Saints 1 - Post Match Reactions

    [QUOTE=DarrenLeTiss;1342308]Not good enough. Middlesbrough keeper didn't make a save. Created ****
    All. Hammond was woeful. Fonte a liability again. Can see us bottling it next week now..[/QUOTE]

    I have a horrible feeling.