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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearsy
    Thanks for that Colin, didn't exactly cheer me up (except the bit where Pelle fingered a dyke) but it was a good read. Depressing, but good!
    Tadic joined in too remember, let's not risk upsetting another player.....
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    Thanks for that Colin, didn't exactly cheer me up (except the bit where Pelle fingered a dyke) but it was a good read. Depressing, but good!
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    It seems the worst case was not quite as bad as it could have been.
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    better sides than that get relegated, ain't it! Have we totally given up on best case scenarios? Ponch signs new contract and uses his influence to persuade lallana, shaw et al to stick around for a year or two, see where this squad can take us. Big Kat finds enough scratch to fund a 2 or 3 low risk signings, drawing a line through Boruc, Cork, Clyne, S.Davis, Rodriguez... maybe a Lovren. May as well throw in a striped kit if we're going crazy.

    I mean could happen, right?
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    How long before FIFA recognise the failure that will be Qatar! there are barely more than 250,000 Qatari Nationals so the stadiums built will have a capacity greater than the sum of the local population (excluding the guest workers). The weather and country will be totally inhospitable if played in the summer with temperatures averaging 45C plus. In addition there is hardly anything for fans to do outside of the matches other than sit in their hotel rooms.

    Giving Qatar the world cup has nothing to do with Diversity there are hardly any people in the country it is all about money talking!
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    Considering the mania for football in Brazil, you know the World Cup is in deep trouble when you see the images of the rioting on your TV screen. FIFA and Blatter risk destroying the thing they are trying to promote and preserve with their bizarre hosting diversity dogma.
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    agreed, nice sentiment Colin.

    When we read that the proposed transfer " wasn't right " may well be the background to this whole sad story.
    His wife's pregnancy would have been quite advanced, and the prospect of suddenly house moving, or worse, having to live in another part of the land and not see his pregnant wife regularly is good enough geounds to "stay put " at
    Donnie. Now comes the hardest part for them - that of picking up the pieces of their life again.

    I'm sure that many, many people will sympathise with them, but he may well decide that a move might be a good way to " re-start " their life together. If they do decide, then a move to SFC will surely be greeted by our fans with heartfelt sympathy and a willingness to encourage the Sharps' future life and a kick-start to Billy's career.
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    Well said, Colin.
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    sounds very sensible comment, but looking around at other likely contenders - is there anyone else who seems better prepared than SAINTS at present.?
    On the back of two good seasons, and a stable playing squad..we are surely as well-prepared as anyone else, and a few of the other contenders have serious money problems already, and don't have the infrastructure in place that SFC have.

    I'd be first to admit that a promotion this season would require some extra signings to stabilise life in the Prem. Certainly one, if not two extra strikers and some sturdy defenders to complement those already on the books..
    but we know that the money is there to handle that ...and even an "extra" international keeper wouldn't go amiss either.
    But does anyone seriously think we should sit back and settle into CCC life in preparation for a promotion one or two seasons? --not me.

    Come May, Two teams will get automatic promotion, and we should be one of them...playing in the Prem. next season is another question to be addressed as soon as we are certain of promotion.

    Goodness what's wrong with people's mindset on this issue ..

    I'm sure Nigel Adkins isn't !
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    Good Read Colin. I think this is going to be a very good season for the Championship.
    I think Brighton might surprise us all though.
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    Very valid point,but.....dont beat your self up about modern day football finances.
    PFC clearly cheated every single club in the league and those abroad who they never paid players for.
    We are a club in transition on an upward curve. If the curve flattens out for a year or two, I'm not too bothered. The Premiership is stale and over hyped. Good players will come and play for us, even if they could earn more being squad players in the Prem, but they will want to be well paid in comparision to other Championship players.
    Really looking forward to the coming season.
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    There is no comparison whatsoever with Pompey.

    1) They didn't actually have the money they were spending.

    2) We could sign 6 or so Jack Cork's, and still not be paying the wages of one John Utaka.
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    I would relax and enjoy the ride, but keep a beedy eye on what unfolds before you.

    There is no comparisson between us and pompey at all imo. We were a debt free big fish in a small pond at league one level. In the championship there are many ex prem clubs and unless we sell Oxo, I do not see us spunking large sums of cash to make us the man city of the championship.

    Pompey had no investment at all no infastructure at all and continued to spunk silly money when insolvent. Cannot even compare our administration with theirs.
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    I suppose the other consideration is exactly how much he will cost and if he fits in with the wage structure. One consideration is if most of the transfer funds available are used on one player. I think the issue with the likes of Man City is the fact big money is spent on many players, if not all and the wages are huge for those players.

    While in League One, it seemed we could afford the likes of Fonte and Lambert as the income was high compared to other teams in the division and many in the Championship.
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    That's a great read.....thanks
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    Great Piece of prose. Good writing.
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    Well would you believe it!!!!!!
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    Living in Plymouth now, I got in today and my housemate said roughly the same.

    'Big game for you this weekend, bet they'll be trouble'

    To which I replied 'Yeah big game. Bit of a 6 pointer. No trouble though. I want them to go up with us'

    He gave me a shocked look. I think a lot of B'mouth fans feel the same. They just have a small, but louder younger section looking for a rivalry. Thats my guess anyway
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    …...If a 'winner' needs to be decided, we all lose.

    Nicely put mate.
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