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  1. hypochondriac's Avatar
    If you see a post of mine which is worthy of inclusion then by all means suggest it.
  2. Smirking_Saint's Avatar
    Says the man making the TSF mental files blogs
  3. hypochondriac's Avatar
    Not sure how anyone can accuse someone else on here of talking sh1t without first checking the quality of their own posts.
  4. Smirking_Saint's Avatar
    New one

    Quote Originally Posted by dune View Post
    You do talk some sh1t.
    Pretty hypocritical and definately 'totally f*cking mental'
  5. The9's Avatar
    Don't forget all of the injuries we already had...
  6. The9's Avatar
    Definitely a "feature" worth pursuing, this.

    For as long as I'm not in it.
  7. Smirking_Saint's Avatar
    Mental. Totally f*cking mental
  8. hypochondriac's Avatar
    If anyone has any suggestions then feel free to PM me!
  9. JustMike's Avatar
    lol it would be easier to list those that havent posted any mental files :-)
  10. chrisobee's Avatar
    Well if that ploy didn't attract St Landrew for a start I guess nothing will ! Maybe these blogs are so well hidden even he doesn't know where they are
  11. hypochondriac's Avatar
    Perhaps it was a deliberate ploy to attract the more pedantic amongst you. Erm in my defence I was tired!
  12. chrisobee's Avatar
    TSF= The Saints Forum rather obviously TBH. No idea what site it is but still I get the drift though if I were pedantic I wouldn't.
    Ergo : The thread title will attract mental posters
  13. Baj's Avatar
    Id say a good place to start is getting the name of the forum correct. Its been saintsweb for 2 years, exactly what is tsf?
  14. Andy_Porter's Avatar
    This could well end up being the busiest blog by quite someway!