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  1. World Cup Day 2 (Saturday - does not contain England)

    After hammering around Southampton and Locks Heath trying to get stuff bought and things booked in the morning, I got myself back home in time to watch Day 2 begin.

    [B]South Korea v Greece[/B] Group B

    Disappointingly the Koreans didn't follow the naming scheme they used in 2002. The reason I know this, is Cha Du Ri (son of the most famous footballer in S Korean history, and look how well that kind of thing worked out for Jordi Cruyff), has "DURI" on the back ...

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    World Cup 2010
  2. Opening Day Thoughts (I'll catch up)

    Missed the opening ceremony having left work just after 2pm, pitch up at Radders' for some awesome HD-with-beer action about 2:15, only to find his big old wall-mounted Samsung Plasma doesn't appear to be working... exactly...

    Anyway, instead of legging it to the pub, one bout of diagnostics later (it's knackered) we decide it's definitely the screen, and as all the cables are penned in, we can't even swap the input to a different tv. Long story short, I ended up lying on his bed ...

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    World Cup 2010
  3. World Cup Blogging

    I suppose I'm better off sticking my inane World Cup ramblings here, rather than just spamming Faceboook - at least then people can choose to see it or not ! ;)

    So here goes... The9 Blog Kick Off.

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    World Cup 2010
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