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  1. Coronavirus

    Quote Originally Posted by Tamesaint View Post
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    Tame, tick, FtF, tick, Timmy, tick, you, tick.

    Put me on ignore. Go on, you know you want to.
    Put you on ignore??? Deprive ourselves of the joy of your rambling, dull, amusingly partisan threads ??? Its always worth knowing the views of the unthinking, obedient Tory puppies ???

    That is not very likely.
  2. Coronavirus - now real potential for match cancellations

  3. The "Return of Theo Walcott" thread

    [QUOTE=hypochondriac;2576157][QUOTE=Fabrice29;2576155]Do we know he was willing to take a pay cut? For someone tbat was willing to come here and if he was willing to take a pay cut, to end up at Everton because they have matched his wages says alot about him more than us.

    Thats if its actually done btw. Which we don't know either.[/QUOTE]To be fair, if they are offering maybe 50k more than us a week, then you can't really blame the lad.[/QUOTE]

    No you can't really which ...
  4. Les Reed OUT

    [QUOTE=Toadhall Saint;2535744][QUOTE=Heisenberg;2535730]From - 10 (league 1) to top 10 (premier league) the fact an Italian banker with ZERO football experience was able to achieve more in 4 years than Les has in 50 will probably always rile old Les.

    Shows quite how hard this job is.... An Italian banker just waltzing in from nowhere and smashing it[/QUOTE]

    I'd wager he did it with les rather than without.[/QUOTE]

    Not that this thread needs to turn into ...
  5. Swansea (H) Match Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Ohio Saint View Post
    Same onion sack problem as last season then.
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