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  1. Fury

    A few days have passed now since the event, and I have mellowed since the fallout of Friday. This blog will not be deleted though as it should remain as a record of reaction to one of the most controversial events of this season.

    Nigel Adkins has been sacked, the man who helped us to back to back promotions, the man who gave me some of my best memories as a Saints fan has gone. Only 2 defeats in 12 games, laying 15th in the league. He has been sacked.

    Apparently the new

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  2. Calculated Risk?

    Under the ownership of the estate of Markus Leibherr and leadership of Nicola Cortese Saints have certainly not been afraid to throw the pennies around. Signing Rickie Lambert for £1 million mere months after coming out of administration raised many eyebrows. Gazzumping clubs for Jack Cork on re-entry to the championship raised a similar reaction in many quarters. Our Premier League status has now raised the bar further. £7 million for Jay Rodriguez, £12 million for Uruguayan International Gaston ...

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  3. The Curse of Human Nature

    Last night, Nicola Cortese held another dinner session with some extremely lucky season ticket holders. Forum member 'Spudgun' was fortunate enough to be one of the attendees and mentioned this in his thread on the subject:

    A comment Nicola made which I thought was spot on, is that he’s noticed that as a fan-base we really aren’t good at being optimistic. It was pointed out to him that this was due to the constant problems we’ve had in recent years, but he says we need to get used

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  4. Psychological profiling to identify future winners.

    This story opens with a question: if a new recruit into an NFL franchise will cost them $30-50 million (about £20-33.7 million) over five years, how can the teams making these signings be so sure that they are getting value for money? Look at it another way: when the Miami Dolphins signed Jake Long for $57.5 million last year as first pick in the NFL draft, he was not a proven talent; he was, by definition, a rookie. How did the Dolphins know they had picked the right man?

    It was ...