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  1. Pompey tickets.. SOLD OUT

    [QUOTE=Sour Mash;1319563]Reading have sold out their allocation, Saints haven't yet.[/QUOTE]
  2. Is Hypocrisy Necessary? Part 2

    Part 1:

    On the publishing of our financial results for 2010-11, The news that our wage bill was 93% of our turnover at the time came as something of a shock, albeit not a totally unexpected one. Just before the start of the season I asked the question, "Is hypocrisy neccessary" as we looked to sign players on large wages to enhance us on the field. With the revelation that our wages are largely disproportionate ...

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  3. A Message of Sympathy

    Dear The Blue Few

    In light of the recent developments 17 miles to our east I believe it is only fair to extend a message to you at this moment in time.

    I wish to make it clear that I am extending this message as a direct reply to treatment you gave to us in our hour of need, which not only was overwhelming in it's quantity those 3 short years ago but also supremely heartening.

    It is always a shame when a club of such historic prudence, humility and dignity ...
  4. Warnock has Leeds job

    [QUOTE=Bexy;1277928]True, but it does mean they will almost certainly beat Donny Rovers today (in fairness they probably would have anyway) meaning that Pompey will escape from going bottom of the league.[/QUOTE]

    Another reason to hate the dirty northern barstewards!!!
  5. Who's going to the Olympics?

    [QUOTE=action man;1230003]got tickets for 4th august evening,reckon i got a good deal with jessica ennis in heptathalon and mo farrah in 10,000mts should see at least 2 medals,hopefully golds


    Olympic Park - Olympic Stadium

    Men's 400m Hurdles: semi-finals
    Men's 10,000m: final
    Men's Long Jump: final
    Men's Shot Put: victory ceremony
    Men's 20km Race Walk: victory ceremony
    Women's 100m: semi-finals, ...
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