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  1. The Best Thing About This World Cup So Far...

    ...has been the complete lack of people talking about FIFA directives, and the resultant improvement of consistency and generally solid refereeing.

    Ok, there have been one or two strange decisions (Tim Cahill mostly), but generally everyone from referee to player to manager involved knows what they're doing, probably because they're used to the laws and what is expected of them.

    Compare this with 1994, when Romario was testing out the newly implemented offside rules ...
    World Cup 2010
  2. Vuvuzelas - an appreciation.

    I'd appreciate it if

    a) They stopped it


    b) People stopped complaining about them.

    I think I've made my position pretty clear in this post :

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    World Cup 2010
  3. World Cup Day Three : Nothing, then Something Happens

    Five matches down, and frankly a lot of dullness so far - and that's just my blog .

    Pre-tournament it was fairly easy to see that Group A and Group B were going to be... well... a bit poor except Argentina, and before the tournament better-informed England fans could be forgiven for thinking their Quarter Final match with one of the remaining teams from either of those two groups (but not B1, likely to be Argentina) would have been a bit of a cakewalk - assuming they could get past ...

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    World Cup 2010 , Group D
  4. World Cup Day 2 - Eng-er-land v USAUSAUSA

    Colours to the mast here. I'm not English. I was born in Monmouthshire, and I suggest if you want to get into a big old argument about it you just read my Facebook note on the subject because iit is amazingly boring. That's if I add you..

    So, sort of supporting whoever I like at that exact moment of England and Wales is my birthright, and I've been known to change sides at half time...

    The build up was manic, with the missus deciding at 5pm on Saturday evening that ...

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    World Cup 2010 , Kits , Group C
  5. World Cup Day 2 (Saturday - does not contain England)

    After hammering around Southampton and Locks Heath trying to get stuff bought and things booked in the morning, I got myself back home in time to watch Day 2 begin.

    South Korea v Greece Group B

    Disappointingly the Koreans didn't follow the naming scheme they used in 2002. The reason I know this, is Cha Du Ri (son of the most famous footballer in S Korean history, and look how well that kind of thing worked out for Jordi Cruyff), has "DURI" on the back of his ...

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    World Cup 2010 , Group C
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