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  1. Taking the Positives

    Ok, time for a bit of honesty. Who out of us would have taken a close entertaining game of football where Saints would emerge with a large amount of credit last sunday? Just so long we avoided a hiding we could have held our heads high, right?

    Indeed, we didn't get battered by Manchester United, we were a 37 year old former retiree away from at least getting a point. Paul Scholes was the fulcrum of Manchester United's comeback and it was dissapointing to see that tactically, we didn't ...
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  2. Into Tomorrow…………

    I have decided to write this initial blog entry as a way of introduction, as I haven't used the site much in the past. So I thought I would start at the beginning........

    “Obsession is a young man's game, and my only excuse is that I never grew old.” - Michael Caine

    So there I was, 5th December 1992, about to turn 14 years old and with no real footballing identity. All Britpop and long since lost socialist ideals.

    Having grown up on the Isle of Wight ...
  3. ORLY ? Another Stupid Prediction

    Have you changed your mind about this season?

    [QUOTE=legends wear 7;844954]Not being relegated would be a good season[/QUOTE]

    Posted 10/9/10
    Verify : End of Season (May 2011)
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  4. The World Cup

    Strangely, this year i am finding the World Cup a very dull affair. I have watched as many games as humanly possible, and as yet have struggled to be excited by anything i have seen. Germany trounced Australia, but that game was as good as over at half time, and even more once sided once Cahill was sent off for pretty much nothing. Ozil ran the game and looked very much the replacement for Fabregas should Arsenal decide to cash in. But other than that, meh.

    Part of the problem for ...