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  1. The Post Mortem that never ends

    So England are out of another international tournament having promised much and delivered very little, which of course must mean that the media knives are being sharpened. Unsurprisingly, Fabio Capello, he of a reported 6m annual salary (that's 120,000 a week, for those who prefer that metric), is the prime target having failed to top quite possibly the easiest-looking group we've ever had.

    Certainly the group stage was little short of a tedious disaster, having scored just two ...
  2. English FA, do you even care ?

    Football in this country is rotten to the core, the FA care for nothing more than money, the PL has no concerns for the good of the ENGLISH game just to line its own pockets and unfortunately the players of the England squad (as a majority anyways) need to look themselves up and down and realise what a disgrace they are. What a bunch of passionless and uncommited fools they are, unconcerned to the fans and to the nation. Unconcerned for the three lions, unconcered for Sir Alf, for Alan Ball and ...

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    World Cup 2010
  3. "Beat the first man!"

    The World Cup has not lit up as much as expected yet, and although refereeing standards are quite high, some lovely goals are being scored(sparsely) and some nice football is being played, the one thing that has disappointed me more than any is the amount of corners that have not beaten the first man. I mean, fair enough, they are playing on the biggest stage of a lot of their careers' to this point and the pressure must be huge, but how hard can it be to clip the ball far enough that it lands somewhere ...
    World Cup 2010
  4. The Danger of High Expectations

    It's quite a familiar story, big name players failing to deliver when they need to most of all. High reputations left for nothing by a highly motivated, yet relaxed underdog who no-one expects to deliver. Yet this wasn't last years Saints away to Brighton or in either game against Swindon, this was our national team against Algeria, an Algeria side which contained two players relegated from the Premiership with our great rival last season.

    Yes, England where awful but they reminded ...
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    Saints , World Cup 2010
  5. Day 7 : So far, anyway...

    After waking up at 5:15am a day's work preceded the 12:30 kick off in Group A between France and Mexic.... waaaaaait a minute !!?

    FIFA have done this before - the sneaky bu66ers must have switched the kick off times after the draw today. There's no other reason why my work calendar says "FRA v MEX" and that game's not happening until half 7, after two matches from Group B. Well, other than it's MY work calendar, and I did the fixtures on a spreadsheet, just like I did for ...

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    World Cup 2010
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