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    The "Return of Theo Walcott" thread

    To be fair, if they are offering maybe 50k more than us a week, then you can't really blame the lad.[/QUOTE]

    No you can't really which is fine. I just take issue with this being used as a reason...

    Fabrice29 12-01-2018 09:46 AM
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    saint lard

    GAO meets Southampton fans....

    Thread Starter: saint lard

    In bloody China at the weekend.
    Perhaps he should meet some that go to the games and have to put up with paying for the crap served up...

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    How Many Times ....

    Thread Starter: Wurzel

    How many times a day are you visiting this site at the moment? Normally once a day is (more than) enough, but currently I must be revisiting it hourly

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    Q&A session with our Les

    Thread Starter: Pilchards

    What best questions between us would you want Les Reed to answer?

    (1) Did you watch the game recently between Liverpool and Manchester City

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    Give it to Ron


    Thread Starter: Give it to Ron

    About the only positive thing in club at moment. 1 up at Blackpool in cup. Klarer from a corner

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    Epic journeys to St.Mary's

    Thread Starter: DrBarry1976

    As a diversion from the melt-fest, I'm trying to find a fan who routinely makes the longest journey to St.Mary's.

    Ideally a season ticket

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    Been waiting for this one - Gabbi out?

    Thread Starter: striker

    Can't blame him really, the way he's been pushed down. He just doesn't get enough time under MP, especially now that Long is ahead of him.

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