• Bournemouth Cup Ticket Details

    Saints have released ticket details for the Carling Cup tie against Bournemouth, the headline figures being advance prices of £16 for adults, £13 for seniors and young adults, and £10 for under-16s.

    Tickets go on sale on Monday 5th July. Bournemouth have taken their full allocation of tickets, which means block 42 in the Northam Stand will be unavailable.

    Rather surprisingly, the club haven't given season ticket holders any sort of priority on these tickets, and their seats haven't been reserved for them. The age-old convention of season ticket holders being guaranteed a seat for cup games appears to have disappeared through the back door. Also, there is no restriction to the number of tickets anyone can buy, although it is a database-restricted game, although you'd imagine Bournemouth will probably still struggle to sell the 4200 tickets they'll be allocated.

    Probably the most intriguing part of the announcement is that the price for 12 to 16-year-olds is actually more expensive than for league games in the Family Enclosure, and the same price as a league game in the wings and the Northam stand. Under-12s will pay more for this game than for a league game in all parts of the ground except the centre stands, which seems a rather strange policy as the cup games are usually a good opportunity to get a lot of kids in the ground with cheap tickets, allowing them to sample the atmosphere and hopefully become the club's supporters of the future. It seems the club has other ideas this season.

    Full price details:

    Advance Sales
    Adult: £16
    Senior/Young Adult/Student: £13
    Under-16: £10

    Matchday Sales
    Adult: £18
    Senior/Young Adult/Student: £15
    Under-16: £12
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    1. dune's Avatar
      dune -
      For those buying online/over the phone don't forget to factor in Nicola Cortese's £3 booking tax.