• Nicola Cortese resigns

    After a day of rumour Southampton Football Club has confirmed the departure of chairman Nicola Cortese.

    Farewell Nicola

    Just when it seemed that our season was about to become rather dull this happens. Nicola Cortese, the man who introduced the Leibherr family to Saints back in the dark days of 2009 has resigned following on from a disagreement with the late Markus Leibherr's daughter Katharina. The search for a new chief executive now begins.

    After a less significant schism at the end of last season manager Mauricio Pochettino stated that if Cortese left he would follow suit, at this moment though his position seems to be unclear although a club statement states that business continues "As usual."

    In his time in charge Cortese has seen us rise from administration to win the Johnstone's Paint Trophy, consecutive promotions from League One and the Championship and then subsequently secure comfortable premier league survival. Positive news stories regarding his role in our fortunes have been frequently forthcoming as we sat 3rd in the Premier League and saw three players break into the England team this year, given the controlled manner that the club leak news stories this cannot have been an accident. Whatever the motivations the politics behind the scenes have come to a head and a change has been made.

    Always controversial but undeniably driven, Cortese's record in charge speaks for itself, he presided over one of the most consistently successful spells in our recent history. Our club will be weaker without him.
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    1. SaintinHoveactually's Avatar
      SaintinHoveactually -
      Supporting Saints is never dull. As you say above our club will be weaker without him - I am not sure that we ever really appreciated all that he has done for the club until after he left.
    1. jamescraiguk's Avatar
      jamescraiguk -
      I think he was properly appreciated before. I've had absolute trust in him since MoPo arrived. This is really terrible news; more so than if any individual player left. This could potentially be the undoing of the new era. Hopefully he returns with a wealthy buyer and is back at the helm soon!