• Openness, Tradition and the "Southampton way"

    Katharina Liebherr has directly communicated to the fans for the first time since Nicola Cortese's departure, and indeed the untimely passing of her father with a letter posted on the Southampton FC official website this evening.

    Our owner speaks at last

    In a letter that can be read in full at this link: http://www.saintsfc.co.uk/news/artic...r-1308712.aspx, Katharina Liebherr re-affirmed the previously stated support for all playing staff and management while also stating a desire to build on the foundations that the club has built over the last five years.

    She has expressed 'delight' over the clubs success in recent years and paid tribute to the 'unstinting' support from the fan-base over this period, indicating a possible enthusiasm for us that some have indicated may not exist.

    In closing the statement she stated a desire for the club to be "open" in it's communication and also that all decisions made for the club will be the best interest of all players, coaches, staff and fans while, interestingly, also maintaining the club's tradition, heritage and the previously vaunted 'Southampton way.'

    Certainly, in stark contrast to our former chairman she has been seemingly accurate with her desire to be open. It looks in many ways to be a positive opening gambit.

    What do you think of this latest move by our owner? Share your thoughts now on the forum: http://www.saintsweb.co.uk/showthrea...r#.Ut68sxDFLIU
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      cheers for the new open era, kat

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    Put you on ignore??? Deprive ourselves of the joy of your rambling, dull, amusingly partisan threads ??? Its always worth knowing the views of the unthinking, obedient Tory puppies ???

    That is...

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