• Vitesse Away ticket information

    Saints have finally released details on how tickets for our eagerly-awaited return to European football will be allocated.

    1400 tickets are available at the GelreDome in Arnhem on Thursday 6th August, and will naturally be distributed based on last season's away attendance. The most noteworthy figure is that season ticket holders are only guaranteed a ticket with TEN away matches (league and cup) registered to their account.

    Tickets are just 10 and go on sale on Monday morning to those with 14 or more aways, with those with 10 or more getting an opportunity on Tuesday morning. Then comes the scrum for the scraps that are left, as those with 7 or more get a chance on Wednesday morning, by which time the club are expecting the allocation to have sold out.

    Many Saints fans have been pre-empting this process by buying tickets in home sections of the stadium. While the police and club have recommended not doing so, it seems highly unlikely that any attempt will be made to stop Saints fans with tickets in home sections entering the ground.

    The club also revealed two official travel packages - one including return flights to Eindhoven (350) and one by coach (150) - but it seems at this stage that most people who intend to travel will have already made their own arrangements. The club probably needs to be somewhat better prepared for this in the next round if we progress.