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  2. Is the club so desperate for money they are now offering LD sponsored shirts at a still high price with the chance of winning a prize? Just received an email saying “buy the shirt we never ‘lost’ in”.
  3. Very good to see. He seems to struggle when they play different systems. Coming off the left side is his best.
  4. Sell him? If he turns out that good HMDAJFU.
  5. He's already pretty insane, he's only just turned 20 and has nearly 100 senior goals in like 140 games. Including now 6 in 7 for Norway and 15 in 15 in European games. If he improves he is going to be Messi/Ronaldo levels of goalscoring records. His off the ball movement is what impresses me much, so intelligent at timing runs and finding space in the box that it often means the finish is pretty simple. Really hope he doesn't end up at Utd. --------------------------- Good to see Elyounoussi doing well, two nice goals. I know its only Celtic but hes doing well in Europe a
  6. I think Rom's against WBA was better.
  7. Why does David Luiz keep making the same mistakes over and over? Because he is just not that good of a defender. Its one thing knowing what went wrong, its another thing correcting it.
  8. Impatient. And does it matter ? Coirbyn is directly responsible for making Labour unelectable at the last election, whether it be his manifesto or his stance on Brexit. Momentum's Bolshevik style central committee control freakery drove tens of thousands in the constitruency branches away from their traditional voting pattern.
  9. Scored twice tonight vs Lille. Decent hit!
  10. Possibly. Still a lot of money in the context of our turnover. Not easy to accommodate.
  11. Presumably it’s only a deficit of £3m a month during the playing season so possibly ‘only’ £27m a year.
  12. That's fine, totally understand that argument and of course in isolation I agree with the sentiment. However, what if a highly qualified black woman doesn't get a job because clubs DON'T have to fill a quota and therefore give it to someone else - because even though she appears to be qualified, is she really going to fit in with the 'culture' in the office? She might have the grades, but she doesn't sound that intelligent with that accent... Sounds like she has read up on the club, but (being a woman) it all sounds a bit forced, she doesn't come across as a 'natural' follower of the industry
  13. By 'dealt with' are you including inappropriate interference? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-54731222
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  15. Also interesting to note that their attempt to scapegoat Chris Williamson in the report has failed despite him being one of Corbyn's so-called attack dogs. Obviously that wasn't in the BBC headlines or interviews today. https://www.campaignforchris.org/ehrc_response
  16. I'm still waiting for one example of true antisemitism that wasnt dealt with, which is surely the whole point. Until then, I urge anyone who values the broadening of the debate brought to UK politics by Jeremy Corbyn to donate: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/47gyy-jeremy039s-legal-fund
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    For me sometimes they are missing but if I go back on a thread later they are there. Seem to come and go.
  18. Theoderant Walcott Stuart Underarmstrong Shane Pong Michael Odourfemi
  19. I disagree Old Nick. The Premier League can only thrive when the lower leagues are in a healthy financial condition. I agree that badly managed clubs should not be helped in normal times but these are not normal times and well run clubs are now vulnerable. The mega money clubs should step in if needed.
  20. You were referring to a drop in income not profit. Semantics, but we weren't making any profit pre Covid so it's obvious on any assessment that a reduction in income will only increase our debts. That said, someone has helpfully paraphrased what was said. People can put whatever positive spin they want on the situation, but a shortfall of c£36m a year will hurt us badly.
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