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  2. Norwich spent £8m in total last time they came up
  3. Yeah, if it's a separate subscription then it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. Obviously the fans of the respective clubs will subscribe but I doubt many others will, meanwhile it leaves UEFA free to go back to the old European competition formats which I would certainly be more interested in. Champions League is boring beyond belief when compared to the old European Cup. As many have said I also doubt the premier league will have the balls to kick out the big six although I hope they do. My ideal scenario is for this to happen and the big six effectively kicked out of football
  4. I’ve heard Jose wanted to rearrange training for Wednesday evening .
  5. Let’s hope Ryan Mason doesn’t give Ralph a coaching lesson like Jose did earlier in the season. One of the most inept, tactility naive defensive performances I’ve ever seen. No Kane, no Jose, a cup final Sunday, surely even we can give it a go now.
  6. The way the Mourinho tenure has played was so predictable to even an average football fan. So why stake so much cash on a busted flush, Spurs must have been stupid or desperate.
  7. Both were piss weak again yesterday. What happened when the worlds best free kick taker got the chance to salvage something from the game? Seconds left, the big men up, even Lurch lumbered out of nets to join in the attack, when it really mattered, what happens ? Fucking catching practise for their keeper.
  8. Not true apparently, can't see why a character like Mourinho would be against it.
  9. Funny thing is, not that long ago we were fearful of losing Ralph to one of the big clubs.
  10. Hmmm. Good point tbh. I think I didn't then, but now wouldn't be absolutely devastated. We'd get compensation, and I'm not convinced he is actually all that for a club with our resources (ie none).
  11. I'll only carry on paying and watching if they're kicked out the league, if this franchise league goes ahead and they stay in the Prem I'll be cancelling both and never watching another Prem, FA cup or league cup game.
  12. Looks like they are eyeing up his replacement at Leipzig, Julian Naglesmann.
  13. This sums it up for me. We simply don't have the clout to be spending £20m+ on players. The last time we spent close to that was Ings, and it's obvious he isn't going to stick around past the summer. Over recent seasons, teams like Leicester and West Ham have been able to spend double that on numerous occasions, and the relative quality of their first 11s vs ours reflects that. We'll never be able to build a squad capable of challenging the top 8/Europe if we persist with scouring the bargain basement for players. And under the current ownership, there's pretty much zero chance of that st
  14. It is clear that this season cannot be judged like any other, given the wayward performances of all clubs in the Premier League. Manchester City will win, despite not being anywhere near their best and despite playing without a recognised striker half the time. Manchester United are strolling to second, despite being a bit shit, albeit with plenty of goals in the side (who wouldn't when paying Cavani 300 grand a week to come off the bench?). The other top 8 sides are much of a muchness, all lacking in consistency (although Chelsea, under Tuchel, look a frightening prospect now). By their own s
  15. To sack a bloke 6 days before a cup final shows a lack of class. I hope they get fucking dicked by city. Ryan Mason or Jose for a one off occasion, I know who I’d choose
  16. A lot of people on here moaning about all of this will carry on paying subscriptions to Sky and BT. This business model can only work if people pay to watch it and the people in the grounds won’t help. It’s all about the TV rights and subsequent sponsorship deals, which will only work if people are subscribing. No subscribers, no business. Effectively, it’s down to the fans.
  17. And retroactively award us the 1984 title?
  18. Only Everton and the big 6 have been in the Premier League longer than us right now. I do think we belong in this league but we have to be realistic that clubs of our size get relegated sometimes
  19. Do you want them to now then? 🙄 You were panicking about them taking him a while ago. 😫
  20. Good day for the scum Levy to bury bad news eh? Rotten club. Spurs and Arsenal "Super League" material my arse. All about the money
  21. Today
  22. And risk a repeat of yesterday, don't think I could stomach that.
  23. The game has moved on and he hasn't adapted. I wouldn't take him here
  24. Nah... he’s a quality manager but the style of play is crap. I’d rather us play entertaining football even if it means we don’t finish as high up in the league. Be nice to some entertaining football full stop sometime soon though
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