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  2. Agree with most of this - especially the paragraph about Livramento (and even put Broja in that category). At the end of last season, both had scarcely got onto the bench in Chelsea first team games, but were stars in their U23 side that ran rampant in some of their fixtures. Now they are in " the big boys league ", the pace and skills required are (not unsurprisingly ) proving a challenge for them. Unfortunately the rest of our squad are still sadly wanting. Our defensive record is actually better than most of the bottom-half teams, but in the last 3 home games
  3. When all sad and done and whichever side of the fence you sit with Ralph (or on it in the case of Trousers) - you have to admit when it comes to team selections and substitutions he is the most baffling and frustrating of any of our managers that I can recall.
  4. Could Tino or KWP be any worse than Theo on Saturday in that position? Leaving him on for so long was a match for bringing on Shane Long the other week.
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  6. Whilst I agree he's ideal on the break, he's also very good running at defenders and would surely make an ideal sub against tired defenders of all types.
  7. Just as well, no way would he want to be sat on the bench, watching the un-droppale Harry Kane plod around the pitch
  8. Even worse is Haaland choosing Norway over England. 🙁
  9. I think it was S. Clarke who described Redmond as an "almost, but not quite" player. I think Elyounoussi fits that description too.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Did Ralph not say he chose Theo as wanted him to go deep and break lines, something Djenpo can't do , either way it was bullshit every tom dick and harry could see he needed to be subbed off early
  12. Dont agree. Cornet caught McCarthy by surprise with the early strike on the turn but it was nowhere near the corner. Better positioning and anticipation and its a comfortable save
  13. I saw an interview with them last week (might have been on the BBC2 show, after House of Games) and said to my daughter that they appeared to be sat VERY close together (with his arm around her). Good lad!
  14. Just maybe, as I posted above, Ralph has man-managed him perfectly? Easing him in with game time where appropriate before handing him a full debut which Ralph admitted himself 'he grabbed with both hands'. Very happy for Armando. Well done to Ralph too, for the way he has managed him. I doubt we would be seeing the same result had Ralph thrown him straight in at Everton, when he wasn't ready....... Oh, and please quote all these posters who have stated that he's 'not in the same league as AA and Che because he is raw and has so much to learn'. I must have missed them.
  15. Just googled him. How TF is he 26? Is this another Samuel Eto'o situation?
  16. …and they could fix that for very little money and make a massive difference.
  17. Fantastic week for the boy Widdrington this week. Kai and AJ delivered an excellent Argentine Tango and through to next round. Also, Twitter and newspapers telling me that he's banging it. He's doing the city proud.
  18. The quoted post of mine above is one I posted on the Livramento thread a few weeks ago. No one has bothered responding to it. Maybe you will, on here? In short, it asks which matches Ralph should have 'experimented' with Tino at RM and KWP at RB (obviously, therefore, with Perraud at LB). We have, of course, played 2 more matches since the original question was posed. 1 won; drew 1. Can you guarantee we wouldn't have lost either without Tino at RB? (Yes, I know he was at fault for their first goal yesterday, but he was also MoM for most - playing at RB.) Further to that, may I ask - if Ralph d
  19. Well, I'm sure they're right. When did promoting something ever increase interest? No, much better to wait for success and *then* promote off the back of it. That's the grassroots way to develop a fan base. >sigh<
  20. I'd go as far as saying people don't appreciate how good any PL player is, myself included. I mean, if you are the starting GK in any of the top 5 European leagues, you are one of the 100 in the world out of c. 7.9bn people which is crazy when you think about it.
  21. They basically said, at this level there is not enough interest. When they get promoted, they will step up the coverage accordingly.
  22. He's in the bottom few keepers in the league but that's from a pretty small pool of genuinely talented professionals. People really don't appreciate how difficult goalkeeping is. As for making "marginally good" saves, well that's a ridiculous comment. Every keeper in the league makes quality saves every season. You only have to go back a few weeks to the top class save he made at Man City in the last minute to earn us a point to prove your statement as being woefully incorrect.
  23. I would have liked to have seen him playing for England but no, he chose Albania 😳
  24. It'll be interesting if he can score more this season than Danny Ings, his finishes so far says that he is a natural goal predator.
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