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  2. Tella is on 900 quid a week apparently. Give him what he's worth.
  3. I know a few German guys who don't think he has a future as a left-back, which is likely where we'd want him to play the majority of the time.
  4. Played 23 league games, scored 2 goals and was voted by Hoffenheim's fans as player of the month in November (not bad for a 20 year old in the Bundesliga).
  5. In what way is that a "silly" quote ? Just because you didn't do Latin at school it's OK, you don't have to feel deprived. I am quite capable of debating in an adult manner, if I am debating with an adult.
  6. Interesting. I ordered the home and away ones on the 16th of July, if they turn up and look decent I'll order the third one as well.
  7. Doesn't seem like he did too much over in Germany but I'd be more than happy with that as a loan move with a view to permanent, similar to KWP. This article may make it seem a little less likely though. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/07/30/ryan-sessegnon-nuno-wolves-tottenham-hotspur/
  8. Harsh, I thought the thing that looked most improved about Forster upon his return was his passing.
  9. All sounds really good to be fair. Concourse needed some attention to make it less like a concrete shell and somewhere you might actually want to have a drink and watch the earlier game.
  10. His wages will have been astronomical. Its Qatar
  11. Bless, you're a bit bothered petal aren't you. As for debate, you've had people asking you for weeks to explain your ramblings about covid and you still haven't, then you have the audacity to criticise when people choose not to debate something irrelevant to the thread. Your persona is slipping mate from mental to annoying. Pick a usp and stick with it.
  12. Difference for me is Forster does make saves you don't expect him to, McCarthy only ever makes simple saves.
  13. No, you're not clever by using silly quotes. Clever is being able to debate in an adult manner and not throwing toys out of one's pram when rumbled.
  14. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/07/30/exclusive-manchester-city-make-jack-grealish-transfer-bid-100million/ Looks like Grealish might be off. Bad news for those who like a competitive league at the top, good news for us as Villa without Grealish are dreadful so big big shoes to fill.
  15. whelk


    Anyone watch the Russians v NZ women’s rugby sevens? One of the Kiwis yanked down one of the Russian’s shorts to revel her bum. Is it sad that I rewound it?
  16. Just announced the improvement plans over the next few months. At least they are investing in the stadium and responding to feedback, including locally sourced food and drink https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2021-07-30/southampton-fc-announces-st-marys-improvements
  17. A Spurs mate who knows people at the club - not particularly reliable but doesn't look like we have much else to speculate on at the moment
  18. Apparently we are about to sign Ryan Sessegnon on loan from Spurs.
  19. So you always do this act when outted yes? I'm not interested. You're boring. I can't be bothered. Basically as you have been shown up yet again. If you can't debate, don't rule and act all high and mighty. It will save you alot of embarrassment.
  20. Today
  21. If he doesn’t sell at a loss and the club is relegated I dread to think what the PRC authorities will do to him if the asset becomes a total liability worth nowt.
  22. His motivation was approval by the dictators in charge to invest in football and get a toe in the money go round with the kudos of football success , they decided that too much money was being exported from China so blocked money transfers . GAO then had to fund the purchase of Saints by borrowing money outside of China . He is now in a bind . The dictators are suggesting that selling at a loss would be a loss of face so Gao could well end up in prison if he does sell out. You couldn’t make it up but it is how it is so we are stuck .
  23. how many drowned migrant bodies were regularly washed up on the kent/sussex beaches, before the RNLI started to act as a taxi service?
  24. There was a rumour doing the round's that he didn't know we could be relegated, although i wonder if that was just usual bullsh1t. Either way i'm sure he was sold the dream, an established premier league club who develop players and sell them for £30m, who buy players for £13m and sell them for £75m, look we've got one going through right now, Van dijk, buy now and we'll sell him in January instead of now as a sweetener. He didn't back on the fact that after him was a load of shite we couldn't give away.
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