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  2. Wanky result but not unexpected. Arsenal sussed us out 2nd half at the weekend and just carried that on, combined with our weak line up and tired experienced pros. Would have rather won the FAC game than the league game if had the choice beforehand of only winning one. Hope we don't go out meekly to Wolves in the cup and then endure a long boring mid table run in to the end of the season.
  3. Think Ralph’s comment about not filling the gap between the centre back and full back, the cause, Jan and Jack spent time looking out for the green players on the outside of them, when you have Kyle and Ryan out there the 2 in the middle know pretty much where the outer 2 are and their capabilities. With Valery and Vokins you had 2 youngsters holding a box of matches each, in Valerys case one of those big cooks boxes: looking at him tonight it’s hard to believe it’s the same player who showed no respect to Paul Pogba at OT and rifled in a cracker of a goal. He doesn’t seem to believe in himsel
  4. All the slagging off of Valery and Vokins is bang out of order but then this forum has to have its scapegoats all the time. Every media report stated that both Valery and Vokins played well and got forward well but were let down with lack of cover in fornt of them. The lovefest with Walcott is baffling - he has been appalling for many games now and couldn't hit a barn door. He would definitely be one I would bench. Would not be surprised to see Forster in goal against Villa. Ings has been very poor for some time and Che does not look like scoring. We are still having
  5. Yesterday
  6. I don't think the season will fall away, although as you and others observe, the lack of depth in the squad to cover injuries was graphically shown up tonight. Arsenal just had their way down both flanks and pressed our defence effectively most of the night. One of the best games I've seen Armstrong play, particularly 1st half and Diallo once again showed his composed talent. Be nice to get something from Villa.
  7. I'm not sure you're thinking straight. If you think Forster is underrated then you're not quite with it. McCarthy is our best goal keeper and will continue to be our first choice. When he isn't our first choice, it will be because we have a new player, not Forster.
  8. Tonight we missed Forster more than Arsenal missed Aubameyang. Like Bertand, Forster is a player who's very underrated by most Saints fans. His clean sheet record is far better than that of any other goalkeeper we have had in recent decades.
  9. Not sure he's under rated at all? He's clearly our best left back by an absolute mile, no one is even close. He's slowed and aged, but still....we have no one who can touch him. We do need to have a better player behind him who can come in when required and then potentially become his replacement in a few years. Sadly I don't think that will be Vokins. We've produced a lot of good left backs and it's often been quick to see that they're capable, but Vokins doesn't look anywhere near the right level to me.
  10. A few decent moments, but really shows up the lack of depth in the squad. Disappointing in the end. Hope the season doesn't fall away now: would be great to find some freshness and secure a top 8.
  11. Very underrated player who doesn't get a lot of praise from our fans but tonight we saw how important he is for us. With him and Forster in the team, we'd have got a draw.
  12. Good. Valerys half arsed attempt for the second goal summed it up
  13. Harsh to pin the result on the full backs - when inexperienced players come into the team, you need the senior guys to step up and lead the way but aside from Armstrong, pretty much everyone else went missing. So many mistakes in possession - in defence and attack - and sloppy touches. We were way off the required standard. I'm reminded of the poor run we were on when lockdown started. We looked a team that had run its race, but a couple of months break allowed us to refresh and finish the season strong. It doesn't seem like we're going to get the same break this year, which makes th
  14. Think it's a case of just too many injuries at once. We got away with a few results through sheer grit and determination, unfortunately today was just one game too many. Losing both full backs for the same match was a huge blow, although it probably brought to the fore that Vokins and Valery are not good enough. Walcott, hugely disappointing of late, the romantic in me wanted him to be a huge success, just not working out at the moment. Not sure where we go with Ings. I know he has had an injury and the Covid thing, but to me he just looks like he is going through the motions at the mome
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/55816017 Ralph sounds irritated
  16. JWP needs a rest based on today's showing - idiotic decision to play him against Shrewsbury imo. Best opportunity to do so will probably be against United, but just thought I'd add my 2 cents. Diallo should be nowhere near the full back positions, added too much quality through the middle today. Hopefully our bench can be bolstered over the next few weeks as there is simply nothing positive about the young reinforcements we currently have. Redmond should also come in for Walcott, as he offers much more when in form than Theo - so we need him to string a few
  17. My gut feel is he is the one we want. And the only one we want right now.
  18. We need Romeu Back if kwp is still out,I’d put jwp at rb Romeu and diallo in the middle ..Armstrong and redmond out wide and ings Adams up top .. jwp will do better job the valery imo ... hopefully vesty not to far away cos jack at fault again for 1st goal ..he’s never a pass away from a mistake .. but tbf to him he’s had some good games for us of late ..
  19. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/12199527/transfer-news-man-utds-brandon-williams-still-chased-by-newcastle-and-southampton
  20. McCarthy KWP - Bednarek - Stephens - Bertrand JWP - Romeu Armstrong - Diallo Ings - Adams Bench: Forster, Valery/Vokins, Ramsey, Jankewitz, Watts, Redmond, Walcott, N'Lundulu, Long
  21. Simple summary: the PL is ruthless and players who are not good enough will be exposed. This is what happened tonight. We are a good team when our best players in each position are available and fresh, but we don't have the depth to handle 4 or 5 starters missing at the same time. No disgrace but its probably what sets our ceiling as being a top half finish rather than potential to perhaps do a little better.
  22. I watch far too much football at the moment, a side effect of the ridiculous lockdown, but because of that I'm able to feel like a scout watching our future opponents. Villa have been excellent last couple of games, they took the game to Man City and were unlucky to lose there. Grealish and Watkins look good, lots of confidence throughput the side. We'll need to be at our best, good record in recent times against Villa. I'd take a point.
  23. Entirely predictable result that. Even after we took the lead. Arsenal are in really good league form and totally deserved what they got tonight. No complaints. We have a very competitive first 11, but there's just no way a club like ours with the lean squad we have can absorb as many injuries as we have at the moment and still maintain decent form. Ralph mentioned that we can't use our recovery facilities at the moment (cryo-chamber, sauna etc...) due to Covid. On top of that we've got massive fixture congestion because of the condensed season, meaning the fit players we have will b
  24. I bet you a cheese sandwich that we don't this weekend. 😕
  25. Can we now finally accept that Jack Stephens is and should never be more than cover? He can come in for a few games and do well, really well sometimes but there will always be that game where he reverts to type just around the corner. That basic error, lack of concentration , lack of nouse is never far away.
  26. Didn't expect anything tonight after beating them on Saturday. Just couldn't see us beating them twice in 4 days, particularly with KWP and RB missing. Thought we looked very poor tonight. Tired. Lack of any real creativity. Ings doesn't look himself. Adams needs to find his scoring shoes again. Not sure what Walcott gives us at the moment? We desperately need 2 or 3 players back to full fitness. Like others have said. It's hard to see where the next points are going to come from at the moment. 😕 A couple of players on loan would help, but i very much doubt that will happen. There's
  27. Very flat from the fist whistle, that early Lacazette chance set the tone. It’s such a shame we just have no backing at all from the owner to give Ralph a bit of help, not talking millions and millions, but even just enough to get a couple in, but no chance.
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