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  2. That's a very specific prediction. If you're right I'll eat my hat send you money to buy me a lottery ticket.
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  4. It’s a thing of beauty to see those high speed changes. Damn, really missing hockey, both NHL and watching my son play. Snow is falling here and no hockey, it’s weird, but necessary. Just need to hold on a wee bit longer...
  5. They're allowing a full house back in at Fratton Park.........based on the fact that Covid would be too sh*t scared of entering.
  6. Was quality on FM20, will save me splashing 16m or so for him. Other than that don't know much about him 😇
  7. "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce" Karl Marx
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  9. Life has come full circle and begun satirising itself.
  10. The grass was too long - Strachan asked the groundsman to skip the last pre match cut and not water the grass. Funny really as we had to play on the same surface.
  11. Insanity. I can understand being fed up with seeing im on too many things, but the guy is incredibly quick witted. His sense of humour is pretty dry though, so perhaps just not your thing.
  12. You’ve been watching too much Ice Hockey refreshing the team on the fly I had a mate from Toronto his step Dad managed a local Junior hockey team, they drilled changing on the fly to the point where the very moment the off coming players skate left the ice their replacements skate would be on it, and they would keep the puck moving to stop the other team changing, back then pro hockey players life span operating at optimum levels was 2 minutes then it fell off a cliff, they had it down like clockwork and breezed the league - these were 11-12 year olds. Intermission over
  13. Like I said then people don’t do those sort of jobs for the money. All credit to them too.
  14. Turkish


    Personally I believe Boris should have cancelled Christmas this year. For most people all it is is a day to meet family, eat and exchange gifts. They can do that any day of the year so they could all have waited until the vaccine. I really don’t understand the national obsession with doing all this on the one day of the year which by coincide happens to also be the biggest religious festival in the Christian calendar when it’s has nothing to do with religion.
  15. I wouldn’t worry about it it’ll be the corporates and super fans that they let In first anyway. Your regular fan has zero chance of getting in
  16. trousers


    Without wishing to trigger the usual futile 17 page MLG Vs Turkish debate... Christmas is far more than a religious festival in this country (amongst others). Besides, Christians were under strict lockdown restrictions during Easter so, all things considered, playing the religion vs religion card might conceivably come across as trying to seek an argument for arguments sake... IMHO of course
  17. Got it down as DMWSL 613 which was renamed St Marys football group
  18. badgerx16


    They're going to surround the island with CoViD ?
  19. We haven't lost since 20th sept, we look cohesive and dangerous and only seem to be getting better. Man u defends like the Maginot line, static and unable to deal with movement, their forwards will be starved of the ball. 2-0 us
  20. SoFarewell DiegoAs you pass through The Pearly GatesYou can expect A sharp clipRound the lugholeFrom The Hand of GodEJ Throbbed
  21. Cowes harbour, this time next week.
  22. If it's the Saints Bar season tickets they are sat in the corporate area so separated from normal fans anyway plus not many of them so makes sense. More profitable tickets for the club so can see why they wouldn't want to refund those compared to someone with a £399 Itchen South season ticket.
  23. This just doesn't ring true... Can you seriously have those two names in the same sentence... For whatever reason... how about because it's completely fanciful,a load of bollocks... and was never going to happen in the first place. Is that good enough reason ? Can't believe any fuckwit of a local journalist would put his name to this.
  24. LeG

    Oriol Romeu

    I reckon it was Josh Sims bragging about how he once shared a pitch with Bradley Wright Phillips.
  25. Am guessing its people with low self esteem so would bet my house Cedric is one. Other guesses maybe Hoedt (maybe Lazio and Dutch team), Austin doesn't know anyone worth bragging about so maybe a.3rd guess I am going for Lemina from his juventus, Marseille days
  26. How many corporate season tickets did we sell? Must be a tiny amount. I can see that being true though.
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