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A few days have passed now since the event, and I have mellowed since the fallout of Friday. This blog will not be deleted though as it should remain as a record of reaction to one of the most controversial events of this season.

Nigel Adkins has been sacked, the man who helped us to back to back promotions, the man who gave me some of my best memories as a Saints fan has gone. Only 2 defeats in 12 games, laying 15th in the league. He has been sacked.

Apparently the new manager, Mauricio Pochettino, has been brought in to help us achieve our future ambitions. He preaches attacking football, he has been rated by some of the biggest names in Europe. Despite having achieved very little at Espanyol.

We had a man who has already achieved a great many things in Nigel Adkins, a manager who preached attacking football, a manager touted for great things by many in the English game. A man who's last game for us will always be a 2-2 away draw to the European champions.

This is beyond cruel, beyond sense, beyond any kind of honour. What price for ambition? What price for our integrity?

We have overachieved beyond all wildest dreams in recent years. A five year plan for promotion to the premier league? Nigel Adkins achieved it's brief in only 2 seasons.

Nicola Cortese, what have you done? He was universally loved by the fanbase. Be prepared to fall on your sword if this fails.

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