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Well, that escalated quickly! Within 48 hours of the news of Nicola Cortese's potential departure breaking he has indeed gone, reports of chaos in our playing and coaching staff have broken only for this to be rounded off by Mauricio Pochettino thankfully not following through with his summer threats of leaving should Cortese depart and committing himself to the cause... for the short term at least.

Those who achieve the most often do so with a trail of enmity in their wake, certainly not everyone is upset to see Nicola Cortese depart. The all-red Kit debacle was the only real sore point for me personally but his fractious relationships with former players, inflexibility with agents and prior clashes with the press certainly left a mark.

Oddly the press, once a thorn in his side in the end where being beautifully used to highlight the good he had done at the club. He kept his one time enemies close and had worked them in an effort to seemingly stabilise his position. While this may have eventually failed I can certainly respect how he managed to twist the media to his eventual needs, this kind of steel reflected elsewhere in our progress up the leagues, his CV doesn't lie, he was a resounding success, success built on his initial introduction of Markus Liebherr to us back in 2009.

It takes a very skillful individual to get everyone believing in a single vision and aim, the talk of European football and challenging at the sharp end of the league has always been viewed with scepticism by some but not by those involved within the club itself. That the focal point for this ambition has been removed is the thing that upsets me most, having been skeptical for a long time I was finally beginning to dream a little during our excellent start to the season. 'Dream' would now seem to be the pertinent word.

While Nicola Cortese was generally quiet his long term intent was at least known, nothing is known for certain about Katharina Liebherr's. There are signs and portents indicating a sale of the club, others mentioning that she wanted a greater say on day to day matters. The not knowing now is that hardest part. Only Mauricio Pochettino's intention to stay is keeping a semblance of sanity to proceedings, the world will keep turning, the team will keep playing while this state of limbo is dealt with.

The fact remains though that for better or worse we have lost the man who effectively was the embodiment of Southampton F.C. over the last four and a half years, the figurehead has been severed. It often said that if you cut off the head the body will die. Is a long, lingering passing about to occur, or is the change going to be a pleasant surprise?

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