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Power without control

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The jokes are coming thick and fast now, 5-a-side friendlies against Blackpool. Liverpool renaming themselves Scousehampton. The best one was of Tottenham bidding for a player who couldn't possibly pass a medical.... Oh.

After five years of progress it surely couldn't have continued forever, our home-grown players making the England squad, Our best ever Premier League finish and widespread acclaim for our playing style and ethos. What is unacceptable though is the speed that things are unraveling. While Luke Shaw's departure was not a shock the departure of Rickie Lambert for such a small quantity of money made a wider statement then any other. All players had a price. Chambers, who had only played just over twenty games for our first team leaving for Arsenal was the worst of all, he saw no point developing with us any further. Why should any other player?

A little heart could be taken last Friday evening where what will be close to our first team next season defeated an ambitious Bournemouth side in their own back yard. Tadic and Pelle look handy but are merely a little finger plugging the hole in the dyke. More talent from the academy is coming through, Harrison Reed and Matt Target could be on the verge of breakthrough campaigns, yet, should they impress they will surely move on just as quickly.

Blame for this is almost becoming academic, pro-active action is required, not recrimination. A former American President once said:

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

Les Reed, Katharina Liebherr and Ralph Krueger, you have the power. Show us the character the clubs support expects and rise to this, fight for us. Infrastructure provides a platform. Money provides a tool. Image and belief however provide the drive, determination and directive for progress and continued achievement. They need to lead by example.

Yet, sadly, any remaining positive aura has now gone. Our image is of a club that is selling everything, we are at the mercy of agents and the media. Vultures to the carcass, getting their last few shreds of flesh before things turn irretrievably putrid. My own feeling is that avoiding relegation would be a massive achievement this year, Ronald Koeman is, despite his reputation, just one man. I wouldn't put any blame onto him should the worst occur.

Another side effect is the inflated prices that clubs will now be demanding from us for replacement players. The same train of thought that led to us demanding top dollar for our departing players works the other way. Should you receive a bid from us around market value you will no doubt bump up the price in the knowledge that if we really want them we can afford it. The lack of incoming transfers shows that the board are struggling, it can be a fine line to thread between panic buying and overpaying yet being seen to be doing nothing while the crown jewels are being stripped away just cannot be an option.

For the first time in half a decade it appears that we are run by a board who are incapable of making the most of our wonderful foundations. Katharina Liebherr's staff are squandering one of the best situations any club outside of the traditional big sides has found itself in the last decade. Just because you have power it doesn't give you control.

It feels as though we are now out of control, but the destination is clear.

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Updated 29-07-2014 at 08:33 PM by Colinjb

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  1. Bearsy's Avatar
    Thanks for that Colin, didn't exactly cheer me up (except the bit where Pelle fingered a dyke) but it was a good read. Depressing, but good!
  2. Colinjb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bearsy
    Thanks for that Colin, didn't exactly cheer me up (except the bit where Pelle fingered a dyke) but it was a good read. Depressing, but good!
    Tadic joined in too remember, let's not risk upsetting another player.....