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Day 7 : So far, anyway...

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After waking up at 5:15am a day's work preceded the 12:30 kick off in Group A between France and Mexic.... waaaaaait a minute !!?

FIFA have done this before - the sneaky bu66ers must have switched the kick off times after the draw today. There's no other reason why my work calendar says "FRA v MEX" and that game's not happening until half 7, after two matches from Group B. Well, other than it's MY work calendar, and I did the fixtures on a spreadsheet, just like I did for Saints' fixtures last pre-season, and there were one or two mistakes in that... but it's not like it was hosted on Saintsweb or anything... well it wasn't me this time anyway. FIFA ! :blush:

So France v Mexico replaced by [B]Argentina v South Korea[/B] Group B

Interesting little match, which is still the exception at the moment. Both sides came out with an attacking frame of mind and within 16 minutes Argentina were ahead, a tricky cross cannoning in off Park Chu-Young's shin for an own goal. Nothing less than the Args deserved, they nearly added a screamer when Tevez lamped a corner-shop wobbler just over the bar, with the keeper having absolutely no chance of reading the flight.

Argentina went further ahead and looked comfortable as Higuain nodded home at the far post, and were approaching half time looking safe for a place in the next round. Bizarrely, Dimichelis then turned in possession on the ball into the only Korean for about 50 yards who stuck it in the net, and it was only 2-1 at half time.

Second half was even less competitive, but Argentina went to town on the South Koreans, who wasted an early chance to level it up, and then fell 3-1 and 4-1 behnd as Higuain notched the first hat-trick of the tournament. South Korea weren't that bad and may well still progress, but Argentina are all but through.

[B]Nigeria v Greece[/B] Group B

A game of three halves. Most simply put. Greece were dire, Nigeria went ahead, some Nigerian bloke decided to stamp towards a Greek bloke in a row about a throw-in and got sent off, and then Nigeria were a bit rubbish and Greece won.

Admittedly that misses out the bits about Enyeama being awesome and then "Robert Green"-ing one, and Nigeria somehow missing an open goal and a lightning fast break, but that was the gist. All a bit random and mental, and surely neither of them will trouble the scorers beyond the first knockout round, if that far.

The games are at least getting more interesting on a regular basis though.

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  1. Crab Lungs's Avatar
    I think the meek opening to the tournament was to be expected but you're now seeing teams opening up a lot, lot more because there is something at stake, something to play for. Desperation, adrenaline - this heady concoction is now evident in almost all of the 2nd round games so far and it's probably going to get a whole lot more tense before the group stages are up.

    Thankfully for the spectator, it's very, very enthralling.

    That said, England tomorrow - expect a snooze-athon ;-)
  2. saint_stevo's Avatar
    you mean to say you got an .CSV Fixture list wrong?!?!?! Surely not.............
  3. prideofthesouth's Avatar
    Where are the rest of the days?