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TSF mental files part 2.

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Well done to Smirking Saint for this one. I'm taking a little break from posting, but no reason why I can't keep tabs and try to keep this updated throughout the season! A classic from our friend Alps this evening, in response to the saints team in the pre season friendly, despite the first team playing just 2 days ago and the new season just 5 days away.

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Saints team Vs Eastleigh: Bialkowski. Saville, Reeves, Pulis, Martin, Tafazolli, Chamberlain, Robinson, Doble, Hoskins, Isgrove.

just a saints XI then
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Mental. Totally f**king mental.
I have a feeling that Alpine could provide a rich goldmine for this blog...

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  1. The9's Avatar
    Don't forget all of the injuries we already had...