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TSF mental files

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Has been quite a few contenders over the last few days. I'm going to try not to let my personal feelings get in the way too much and just stick to really stupid posts. Sadly I had to ignore that rule for this post which deserves to be in here just for being so deluded:

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The principal NC is forcing is correct - the fact that it ****es off the Scum is just an added bonus. Is NC 'doing a Mourinho' and taking the pressure off the players - and in this case, manager - and onto his own shoulders ?? I like his no-nonsense approach, and the fact that he winds people up. Imagine how much people will hate us when we win the Champions League... hilarious.
NC is clearly 'doing a Mourinho' is he??? Perhaps he should dress up as Hitler and goos step down Hill Lane. That would really get the papers talking and take all pressure off our lads. We get promoted and NC is lauded as a genius with everyone waiting to see what stunts he will come up with next season to take the pressure off. Bunch of mentalists we have as fans.

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  1. The9's Avatar
    Definitely a "feature" worth pursuing, this.

    For as long as I'm not in it.