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Thankyou Markus Liebherr

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In 13 short months we have come a long way, who knows what would have eventually happened had we never come to the attention of our now deceased owner but somehow I doubt things would have been as rosy.

It's doubtful we will ever know or understand his motivations for buying us. Could it have purely been a money making investment or an act of joy from a man who knew his time was limited? It almost doesn't matter now, we can only go on the facts. He has left us far stronger then we could have imagined back in the dark times of May and June 2009.

Markus Liebherr, thankyou. From the bottom of my being thankyou for saving the club I and many others hold dear. Thankyou for spending money on our infrastructure and playing staff and thankyou for at the very least leaving us stronger then when you first arrived, time will reveal the full extent of your legacy.

I hope you enjoyed owning the club and the ups and downs of the only season you will ever fully see of us. You deserved to see far more, in your memory I hope we will achieve more.

Very few of us knew you in person, even fewer fully knew why you came here but we are all united in our gratitute.

Goodbye gentle sir and thank you.

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