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Is Hypocrisy Necessary?

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I'm not ashamed to admit that I am having mixed emotions at the moment. News reports are surfacing that we are on the verge of signing the extremely promising young midfielder Jack Cork from Chelsea, which is, however you look at it, fantastic news. He has played at every standard for England below the senior team, he has been player of the year at a now rival Club at Championship level and has been desired by many other teams. Yet it is not the player himself that is inspiring this blog, it is the methods and motivations which may be bringing him here.

One of the key factors that causes resentment between football clubs and their fans at the moment is the issue of money, particularly those that have it and those who do not. Chelsea and Manchester City in particular are reviled due to their vast spending which has purchased their respective successes and progress. It has not been a natural evolution for them, it has been the equivalent of a 'Britains Got Talent' fame acceleration for an ageing and slightly oddball Scottish Opera singer; No less then deserved due to the ability shown but executed in such a vulgar manner that it cannot help but provide a sour aftertaste.

Over the past two years, we have essentially been fast-tracking ourselves in the same way. The signings of Rickie Lambert and Josť Fonte have been the most evident examples of our new ability. If rumours are to be believed both are on way in excess of £10k per week, beyond the capability and means of most teams at Championship level, let alone League 1. Now Jack Cork is on the verge of coming here, but only for money above the means of rival teams that wanted him. Yes, it is possible, just maybe possible that he has bought into Nicola Cortese and Nigel Adkins' vision for our future but lets face it, the relatively enourmous wages cannot have hurt. We have outspent our rivals, but hey, so what if it ensures success.

The twist follows. Our most hated rivals tried exactly the same thing and are detested, hated by so many Saints fans for doing it. They 'stole' the FA Cup with money they didn't have, they bankrupted themselves in a desperate attempt to push on. While our ownership situation should ensure that we will not follow the same destiny, surely it is a little rich for us to celebrate essentially the same methodology?

As a fanbase we are not used to success. Our modest financial standards in the past had left us as perenial underdogs and on the one occasion when we did use the resources at our disposal it backfired horribly. So am I being too pesimistic and judgemental or should I just relax and enjoy the ride? I want to, really want to let that nagging little voice in the back of my head that worries about these things to shut up and go away yet I can't help feel that allowing it to die would be a little hypocritical. I want success at the club I love but is out-spending our rivals the only way?

Disclaimer: Yes, this blog could be horribly premature in terms of the player and circumstances which inspired it, but regardless of whether Jack Cork signs or not, the point is surely still clear.

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  1. Doctoroncall's Avatar
    I suppose the other consideration is exactly how much he will cost and if he fits in with the wage structure. One consideration is if most of the transfer funds available are used on one player. I think the issue with the likes of Man City is the fact big money is spent on many players, if not all and the wages are huge for those players.

    While in League One, it seemed we could afford the likes of Fonte and Lambert as the income was high compared to other teams in the division and many in the Championship.
  2. doggface's Avatar
    I would relax and enjoy the ride, but keep a beedy eye on what unfolds before you.

    There is no comparisson between us and pompey at all imo. We were a debt free big fish in a small pond at league one level. In the championship there are many ex prem clubs and unless we sell Oxo, I do not see us spunking large sums of cash to make us the man city of the championship.

    Pompey had no investment at all no infastructure at all and continued to spunk silly money when insolvent. Cannot even compare our administration with theirs.
  3. stu0x's Avatar
    There is no comparison whatsoever with Pompey.

    1) They didn't actually have the money they were spending.

    2) We could sign 6 or so Jack Cork's, and still not be paying the wages of one John Utaka.
  4. steadyeddie's Avatar
    Very valid point,but.....dont beat your self up about modern day football finances.
    PFC clearly cheated every single club in the league and those abroad who they never paid players for.
    We are a club in transition on an upward curve. If the curve flattens out for a year or two, I'm not too bothered. The Premiership is stale and over hyped. Good players will come and play for us, even if they could earn more being squad players in the Prem, but they will want to be well paid in comparision to other Championship players.
    Really looking forward to the coming season.