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The World Cup

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Strangely, this year i am finding the World Cup a very dull affair. I have watched as many games as humanly possible, and as yet have struggled to be excited by anything i have seen. Germany trounced Australia, but that game was as good as over at half time, and even more once sided once Cahill was sent off for pretty much nothing. Ozil ran the game and looked very much the replacement for Fabregas should Arsenal decide to cash in. But other than that, meh.

Part of the problem for me is that by the time i get home from a long slog at work, i have missed 2 of the 3 games. Unavoidable i suppose when the tournament is held outside of Europe.

The other issue seems to be a lack of excitement all round, watching games on ITV is like having drip torture, Adrian Chiles gets paid god knows how many millions to sit and not really say a lot, just mumbles a bit and leans forward as though he has nasty stomach cramps......don't get me started on Gareth Southgate, Patrick Viera or Edgar Davids. Drivvel. I just can't wait for Roy 'Stammer' Hodgson and Arry 'Twitchy Twitchy Saggy face ****' Redknapp to join the party. Joy! It was looking good for BBC until they decided that Mick 'state the obvious' McCarthy was a worthy commentator. FAIL. "What he has done there Jonathan, is give the ball away on the edge of his box, which is a very dangerous place to give the ball away". Get out of here!

I, along with the rest of England spent weeks and weeks waiting for that game against our great allies the USA last weekend, and felt majorly let down, it was like booking a holiday somewhere exotic with a stunning young blonde, looking forward to it for weeks and weeks only to be told when we land that it is 'her time of the month'.

One game single handedly ruined everything i had conjured up in my mind for the next few weeks, the thoughts of getting to the latter stages, confident of success, that nothing can get in our way now, that Ledley King isn't going to get injured in the warm up, that i don't have to wince when the ball goes back to our goalkeeper, but no, i now realise we will lose in the Quarter Finals to a poor France side, possibly on penalties, possibly when Henry picks the ball up and hurls it past our hapless keeper.

Don't get me started on the Vuvuzula's or whatever they are called (horns?!) either. Sounds like a swarm of bees have taken over my TV and will come and sting me to death.......the way this W.C is going, one can only hope....

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