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Heroes and Zeroes

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"You've done too much, much too young..."

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The words of one of my home city's favourite exports, and while references to current buns for tea and 'wearing caps' are not quite relevant the sooner then expected success of our club is now taking it's toll. It's becoming clear that we have been promoted beyond our current capability. Heroes from last year are now being seen as zeroes, they have become victims of their own success.

Lazy comparisons with Norwich City, who we were in some quarters expected to emulate this year ignore too many other variables. Norwich shouldn't have been in League 1 in the first place three years ago, a year of dreadful management was their cause for relegation and a strong hand at the wheel put them back on course. They already had strength, had depth, had a solid experienced foundation at all levels.

Our foundations have only existed for three years. All levels of management have not seen this before, this Premier League. Nigel Adkins has never played at this level, never coached at this level. Nicola Cortese has never managed a business of this type at this level before and the players have not had to deal with this before.

It is so easy to forget how far we have come so quickly, indeed, that in itself is now seen as a cliché by some fans and a cop out excuse for how we are performing. Our quick progress has raised expectation to un-achievable levels, our idealistic methods that took us rapidly to this level in the first place are now just as rapidly being undone as naive.

The heroes of last year, our manager, our players even our controversial chairman havn't become incompetent overnight, they are simply taking in too much, too soon. All the ingredients are in place here to build success, but like a lego set without a manual it's easy to make a hash of it without the right points of reference. I asked in a prior blog if it's possible to get promoted too soon, our experience right now seems to suggest yes, but are we really so daft as to not expect a few bumps in the road? How you cope and learn in defeat is just as important as how you celebrate in victory. It is said in some circles that you actually learn more in defeat and loss then in triumph. I hope that everyone at St Mary's Stadium is paying attention.

So, my fellow fans, do we lose patience? Do we give things time to grow organically or do we get trigger happy?

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