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  1. You could spin this the other way...…..


    Considering the transfer business we have conducted and the managerial appointments we have made since the end of 2015/16 it is somewhat surprising that it looks like we will, in the final analysis, be in the PL for 2020-21 fairly comfortably.


    There's another two years for the majority of the really bad transfer business/contract renewals to wash through so whoever is in charge has a hell of a job on their hands...

  2. Man City v West Ham was rearranged for a European night and shown on sky recently wasn’t it?

    Agree it’s unusual but could happen.


    Man City v Arsenal rearranged for 11 Mar, clearly on the basis that Man C could have ended up with a fixture pile up.


    I’d expect our game v Arsenal to be on one of the two non Euro weeks after the international break. Which one of the two will be largely down to tv scheduling, Sky can drop the game for another in these circumstances.

  3. There are two midweeks that have no European football w/c 20 Apr & w/c 11 May and these tend to be the first point of call.


    However, Arsenal along with Man City, Aston Villa, Sheffield United face the prospect of having 3 games to be re-arranged (EFL final, FA Cup QF & SF). As we are an opponent out of Cups, Europe etc we are probably the most convenient to schedule the game on a European night. That makes predicting when it'll be played a bit tricky but I don't think there'll be any announcements until the FA Cup Semi Finalists & European Quarter Finalists are known.

  4. If you think a team on forty points with four games left would be under threat of relegation then there really is no hope whatsoever. And your wonderful scenario takes the safety tally up to, er, 49 points.


    There's only so many idiots I can deal with on one thread.


    Summed it up perfectly.

  5. We won’t be relegated. However, with the run of games we have in April there’s a distinct possibility we’ll finish lower middle table and be closer to the relegation zone at the end of the season than we are now


    Is there provision for deeming a football player an impaired asset?.


    Yes there is, amortisation of player contracts are subject to the same rules as other intangible assets. When the 30/6/2019 accounts are published (last set I can find are as at 30 June 2018) it'll be interesting to see if they have written down any player contracts.


    I agree, signing him was appalling business but am convinced the only way he leaves before the end of his contract (30/6/21) is if we hand him the majority of his remaining wages.

  7. I didn't see this post before I responded to Turkish, but yes, amortisation and timing of transfers makes a huge difference. It's an odd concept that a million less for Carillo in the summer (after the next contract anniversary) is worth more to us than selling him for a million more last month.


    I don't want to get into an Accounting debate but I suggest his transfer fee must have been pretty much written off already. You can't buy a bloke for, say, 18M over a 3 year contract and write the value down by 6M a year if he isn't playing and the prospect of him doing so is practically zero. He is what would be called in the trade an 'impaired asset.' The club will have/should have written off that fee much quicker reflecting his value to the club over the remainder of his contract - zero.


    Finally, cash flow is equally important (at least) here so regardless if you have something you're not going to use you get rid ASAP for as much as possible.

  8. My point is why would anyone, and it really is only the EPL that can afford these sort of wages, pay Carrillo 50k a week....


    Exactly. Anything else is ridiculous. There are 2 likely scenarios and 1 that is a bit more remote:


    1. He goes out on loan (again) with us paying the vast majority of his wages

    2. He reaches a settlement with the club, which results in the club 'paying up' pretty much all of the last year of his contract.

    3. Nothing can be settled and he ends up staying at St Mary's for the final year and makes a couple of appearances as a substitute in the early rounds of the Carabao Cup.

  9. Think we will need to give him a free transfer


    Get him off the wage bill. We paid £20m for him so his wages are likely to be 80-100k a week


    Mr Carrillo may not be so keen, I think it unlikely he'll give up his reported 80-100K a week. A final loan with us paying a vast percentage of his wages is the only way this one will go

  10. Positive= it means 3pm kick offs!


    Negative= lose out on the £750k (or £1m) whatever it is TV fee


    We’re no longer attractive to watch so can’t say I blame them


    Another season below the 10 game minimum beckons. I believe the club get paid the same as if 10 games were televised.

  11. What about the manager?


    Didn't he leave Leipzig doing a 'reverse Koeman?' As I understand he was going in to the last year of his contract but wanted a new one while the club were happy with the situation (I think they had someone lined up for the following season), unlike Koeman who claimed he was happy to see his contract out but the club weren't happy with that state of affairs.


    Either way, we have a manager who doesn't seem to agree with continuing to work in the last year of a contract and a club who think the same.


    Just a thought - I could be wrong, what do we think happens?

  12. Best outcome ? Forster continues to have good games for Celtic and a deal is done .


    Knock on is Saints use free up of wage bill / transfer fee to get 2 proven defenders in , plenty of top clubs use 30 year old proven defenders such as J Evans etc.


    Celtic aren't able to pay him anything close to what he's on here. I would've thought it unlikely that we will be prepared to do a severance deal with a guy who is playing out of his skin. Conversely, with the history (the total loss of form) I think it unlikely someone else will offer a deal that works for him financially considering what he would be giving up.

  13. He played one thing very badly, and that was that he only ever planned to be here for 2 years, and that those 2 years were up. I think too many football players listen to their agents and what they promise will happen. He best go and have a lemonade and have a serious think about his future. Move from Juve to Saints should have told him something, and that while he may be good, he isn't as good as he thinks he is.




    Considering his performances over the last two years and injury record it is unlikely he was going to move up.


    I did look into it at one point but his injuries have actually coincided with when we have one a few games

  14. I have an issue with that because it isn't reinvested in the team and we are a week away from possible relegation it isn't rocket science!


    Everyone we have sold we didn’t want to sell has been to a top 6 club. You show me where anyone outside the top 6 has done any different to us.


    What I don’t understand is how we don’t seem to have been in a position to blow everyone else out of the water.

  15. Problem is if Man City beat Huddersfield and Brighton they'll be in the position where they'll be the first ever PL team to go past the 100 point mark if they beat us. They'll definitely be up for that.


    It's why I'm supporting Huddersfield currently, what they do now is irrelevant to us as it's a straight fight between us and Swansea


    You’ve got that one badly wrong.


    If we only get a draw on Tuesday and mange to avoid defeat on the last day we’ll finish above Huddersfield if they lose every game

  16. Actually a win against everton would still mean we had to win at swansea as I think Huddersfield will win their last game against an arsenal side with nothing to play for


    So despite the major disappointment a draw is not that different for us and means we have to fully focus on the win that keeps us up



  17. i reckon Lemina was sold a while ago. Just don't buy this new injured back nonsense, or his fall off in commitment. Same with Boufal. Ill? Hmm. Off.

    I reckon Austin will jump too, probably back to QPR, or someone else like West Ham. rest is about right. I'm looking forward to bringing our loanees back - Harrison Reed etc. Build a team around the youngsters. Forget the mercenaries. Time to get the soul back


    Did you see the car crash that was the 08/09 season?

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