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  1. There is no appetite for PL football in the South of England and the recent rise and fall of clubs like Swindon, Reading & Portsmouth may have proved that PL football is unsustainable down here, their isn't the level of interest to sustain any momentum or to create larger stadia.


    One suspects that these facts of life will soon overtake Bournemouth and Brighton as well as the centre of gravity once again shifts back to the midlands and the north west. Saints have the longest tradition of PL football down here but if even we cannot sustain it then what hope for the others.


    What’s this based on? It’s the owners getting us in the ****e not the fans. In good times you could add another 8000 seats at SMS and fill it pretty often. People are just fed up with the dire football last few years is all.



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  2. Player behaving like petulant little *****s should be careful what they wish for. I don’t recall that many of the 05 squad playing top level again after we went down and this lot are even more **** than they were. The arrogance of some thinking they can coast through games, send us down and then automatically play top tier European football afterwards is a joke. I reckon we’ve got about 3 players who other premier league, German, Italian it Spanish clubs might look at. That’s about it.



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  3. Yes we’re so **** we can’t even be worst

    at reckless environmental pillaging. They could probably save 25 tonnes of landfill a year by not producing those terrible clappers and 550 tonnes of co2 by not firing those gas burners to stoke

    Up the “atmosphere.” I’ve heard you can see them from the bournemouth eye on a clear evening.



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  4. NOOOOOO! The worst knee-jerk reaction. You really want a negative, park the bus hoofball crook to manage us? I'd rather give a ball boy a go.


    No I don’t want hoof ball but I’ve seen Allardyce teams play us off the park on more than one occasion. I’m not saying he is the answer, only I don’t understand the negativity towards him and he should be deserving of more respect than he he gets. I’m not sure our players could do what he’d ask of them anyway. We’re in the **** and make no mistake. [emoji37]



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  5. Going down would be a catastrophe with these owners. They are takers not givers and I can’t see us getting back up any time soon.


    I’m not a fan of old style functional football but I don’t understand all the negative comments about a manager like Allardyce. I’ve always thought his teams play when they can but his first priority is solidity and there’s nothing wrong with that. You build from the back and go from there.


    However, he’s a shrewd operator and the question we should be asking is are we good enough for him? He won’t want to take a team down and honest answer is, no I don’t think we are. He’s not a mug and our first team are mugs unfortunately. He’s a much better manager than we are a team and a squad.


    This team is utter, utter ****e. Way, way worse than in 05. At least that team scored goals. This one is just as **** at the back but we hardly score any. We are like rabbits in the headlights as we are scared to pay at home now. I can’t see this ending in anything other than being 10 pokes adrift of safety by the end. People who say we would struggle in championship are right. We’d get walked over physically and desire wise it’s just not there at the moment. Worrying times but it’s been coming for a long while.



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  6. Not sure that is true, we were the better team against Utd and would have won without our sending off IMO, we were decent away to Wolves and were the better team (they had 4 shots all game), we were good against Liverpool and should have done more.



    What gives me hope that we can get out of this is the following -


    1. As mentioned above we are only 5 points off 7th, the rest of the league is a much or muchness and I don't think anyone in the bottom half (aside Spurs who have lost their way a little) is that good.


    2. It's one game, you don't lose points for losing a game badly, it just 3 points not won, and we are nowhere near adrift.


    3. You hope that it is the bottom point for these players, the complete kick up the behind they need AND an awakening call for board/owner, it;s probably wishful thinking but I am hoping that in future years we might look back at this game as a turning point that helped re-start our club, back the manager, get in some new scouting and coaching blood to help him, get players in that fit they style.


    4. The fixtures, we have played Liverpool, Spurs, Wolves, Leicester, Man Utd, Chelsea, Burnley away (never an easy fixture) and are soon to play Man City.


    We still have to play two games vs Watford, Newcastle, Everton, Norwich, Villa, West Ham, Crystal Palace and home games vs Burnley, Brighton and Sheff Utd.


    That is plenty of winnable games if we get our crap together.


    IIRC there was some extensive super stats prediction model for this season that had us not winning our first 6 games or something and being bottom by December but ultimately finishing 15th I think, we are actually doing slightly better than that prediction.


    The team has not been great and that game was a massive low, but fixtures have not been kind either.


    As I said in another thread, West Ham have 13 points, 5 more than us, however look at their games since losing 5-0 to City on the first day -


    Brighton (A) draw

    Watford (A) win

    Norwich (H) win

    Villa (A) draw

    Man Utd (H) win

    Bournemouth (A) draw

    Crystal Palace (H) loss

    Everton (A) loss

    Sheff Utd (H) draw


    If we'd had those 9 fixtures would we be happy with 13 pts? I am not sure we would.


    They have only played two of the top 6 (one of which is the out of form Utd), and haven't played Leicester, played all 3 promoted sides, struggling Watford, struggling Everton.


    You make some very good points here and there is a sense of calm to your post. I don’t think we’d be happy with 13 points from WHU’s fixtures either. However i think we’d have fewer. They ain’t great but they’re better than us. Agree completely that the next home games are key. November 30th on looks doable but no easy games in this league. Well, apart from playing is at home



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  7. St Mary’s has changed since I’ve been going. Sterile now. And nothing compared with the dell. Used to hear great chants: “sit down,

    You’re going down”, “you used to be good but now you’re ****”, “when I had the wings of an eagle”, “touch of a (probably not so good in these wine times [emoji37]), “sit down Pinocchio” (to any big hootered away staff but especially Phil Thompson) etc etc. Now it’s sterile at SMS and the difference between relegation in 05 and promotion in 12 is absolutely incredible. Honestly, I’ve heard more noise in church. We are not alone in that but by gove it’s depressing.



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  8. Worse thing is, there are no scuffles, no anger, no real tackles or fouls and no yellow cards. The players are just meekly accepting getting butt ****** on national telly.


    Because they are gutless blurts. 80k a week for turning up and running 30 miles a week in training. Sign me the **** up. [emoji1433][emoji1433][emoji1433]



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  9. Ralph has probably realised that we arent going to score 6 so has gone for damage limitation.


    YeH. Probably should have done that at 0-2. We are very, very flaky mentally and have been since Pelle Fonte Wanyama times. It’s going to be a very, very close call this year and anyone who accuses me of ****ing my bed sheets needs to be honest. We are flaky, lack a cutting edge, are poorly organised defensively and lack a true identity.



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  10. He's been behind anything decent we've done the whole game. Maybe not outstanding, but definitely our best player.


    We’ve let ourselves down here. Nobody had been great. JWP missed 2/3 half decent chances. We’ve been on top second half but they’ve come hee and bossed large periods. VAR has also been on our side tonight



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  11. So out of interest, how many of the other sides are playing similarly to us? We’re not going to pull of a variant of 4-3-3 but it’s so negative. It’s not like we carve out many chances playing like this



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