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  1. He changed his management company recently, so all this doesn't suprise me.


    I really don't think he is as good as he thinks he is. Saints is his level, he has too many lapses in concentration to be a top, top player. If and it's big if we could find a replacement who can complement JWP who is hard working and adds more goals to than PEH, then we should try and get as much as possible in the Summer for him.


    Doubt we have any money to spend though.

  2. Without having new investment or a complete takeover it is only a matter of time before we eventually get relegated.


    We will make a loss on all the players out on loan who are no wanted anymore and we won't invest in the squad anymore and probably rely on the youth set up for new players, hence the appointment of Matt Crocker.


    You stand still for a few windows and it catches up with you eventually, look at Spurs.


    Bleak times ahead without a new owner or fresh investment. Getting fed up with people slating others who have ago a Kat, she is to blame for this without question. She maybe related to her Father, but is noway a Saint!!

  3. I wouldn't play Valery in this game and I don't see him as Premier League right back either. He simply is not good enough defensively and has massive errors in judgement or mistakes that mostly lead to goals.


    I would start KWP, as I think is a more sold option and he isn't playing against a physical type of team in Norwich. I personally think Valery would make a good right winger, as he is very good going forward and has a decent delivery. With Djenpo and Redmond out, might be a shout playing him right wing and Armstrong left wing. He'll probably start Boufal on the right and Armstrong on the left though.

  4. This is nonsense. He had more successful take ons than Messi (or anyone else in La Liga) last season.




    That's why every club in the world wants to sign Boufal then, as he must be good as Messi. Look at his chances created, big chances created, goals etc and he will be nowhere near the leader board.


    You can put stats like that up, but these are pointless stats. He has no end product, you may as well have a freestyler play for us.


    69 appearances in the league for us and has 3 goals/4 assists.

  5. I don't think he will start Boufal and Djenpo, even though I would. Boufal was very poor against West Ham, but promising the last home game he played before he went off injured.


    I think he will do:















  6. Really hope I'm wrong, but this has either got 0-0 or 1-0 Newcastle written all over it.


    We can't break down teams at home due to lack of creativity and Newcastle will sit deep and try to hit us on the break with the pace of Almiron and Saint-Maximum. If the latter has hit shooting boots on Saturday and they are clinical it could be a long afternoon.


    Until Ralph finds a way of overcoming the Burnley's, West Ham's and Newcastle's of this league expect the same results time and time again.

  7. Looks like home end tickets go on general sale 9am Friday for Watford if anyone wants to try that.


    I did that last season. Sat by the corner flag next the Saints fans.

  8. After a couple of days to reflect on that performance I can conclude that I am never going to West Ham again if I am located in upper part of that stadium. Awful view, rubbish atmosphere and overall poor experience.


    Ralph mucked up on Saturday and he needs to address the problem with playing against two physical forwards and teams that by pass midfield, otherwise most teams will do this and we are in trouble. We make Antonio look world class every time we play West Ham, we may as well hand Burnley and West Ham 6 points each at the start of the season and save everyone's time and money.


    The subs were utterly bonkers, it was as if he wanted to shut up shop and hold onto a 3-1 defeat instead of going for it. If we would have got a goal with 15 mins to go, the crowd would have got edgy and who knows what would have happend.


    The only positive was that I live 4 stops on the overground and was back home before 5.45pm.


    Saturday has to be better, as I believe 38-40 points might not keep you up this year.

  9. Good win and performance. As it always with saints, we should have scored 3 or 4 more and been more clinical.


    Villa probably the worst team to play at St Mary's this season and their fans were extremely quiet. Thought it was the best atmosphere at St Mary's for a long time with the crowd not getting on the players back even though it was still 1-0 into stoppage time.


    Armstrong proving to be an absolute bargain and Djenepo was a completely different player from the Burnley game.

  10. I think the atmosphere at home is one of the major problems for our lack of points at home. There is always a nervousness or groans when we play the ball around at the back and that definitely filters through to the players. Unfortunately we are in a world now where everyone wants everything now and football is no different. I go to the majority of away games now, as the home atmosphere is so toxic and awful. Away from home everyone gets behind the boys.


    The other reason is we are not set up to be a home team with possession. Without Redmond and bow Boufal out injured we have no creativity or spark going forward. We are a counter attacking side and this doesn't work against teams who sit back and give you possession, as we cannot break sides down and and then the crowd get impatient.


    Ralph has mentioned it loads of times about the crowd are not helping and commentators are constantly mentioning the nervousness at home games. This needs to change and quickly.

  11. Rupert Lowe was associated with saints and in "politics" and is the most vile piece of sh*t I've ever had the misfortune to see.


    This guy is associated with Boris, Cummings and all those other pr*cks, so couldn't care less if he's from Southampton.

  12. I would imagine no defender enjoys playing against Long. He has pace to run in behind, he is excellent in the air and unpredictable.


    His role in the team is valuable and one of the main reasons Ing's has been in great form.


    Like people have mentioned, if he was a goalscorer he wouldn't be playing for us and would be at a higher level.

  13. With the result, losing my phone in some bar and then having to pay for another train ticket back to London from Liverpool due to it being on my phone it was a pretty rubbish weekend for me.


    Played very well the first 60 minutes, if we would have taken one of the chances in the first half or had that clear penalty then it could have been a different story. Liverpool's quick transition from defence to attack mid way through the second half with ruthless finishing was the difference.


    Onto Spurs Wednesday, but positives from the first hour Saturday.

  14. Pretty pointless thread this. Not to be too pessimistic, but whilst we have this clown as owner, I very much doubt there will be too much activity.


    More season long loans or cut price deals for Hoedt, Lemina, Carrillo etc with no net spend.

  15. I do feel for Ralph, as I think he has been done over in this transfer window (again) if we don't bring in anyone else. Whilst I don't rate Cedric and never have done, he is an experienced international player and you would say that our squad is weaker in bringing in KWP.


    Ralph said we were exposed in the full back positions and wanted to get more bodies in and that hasn't happened. While he looks quite content, he must be getting annoyed with the poor transfer dealings and lack of investment.


    I do think KWP will be a good signing and fits our style, but if he gets injured this leaves us with Valery who is defensively inept.

  16. Hopefully this will be a clear indication to the ticket office about demand for away games. This is a mid week game that we are going to sell out in less than 48 hours with a near 6K allocation, when we took circa 1800 for Palace away.


    Speaking to many saints fan, the demand for Norwich will be high too and I hope they take the max for this game.

  17. I'm not overly fussed about Cedric, never rated him and the way he needlessly kicks the ball out for corners constantly without looking around him annoys the hell out of me.


    The £5m being quoted isn't a huge amount of money in the grand scheme of things and I'd rather keep him as a squad player until the end of the season and lose him on a free. If KWP or Valery get injured or are rubbish it could be the difference between a top or bottom half finish and the prize money being more than the £5m.

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