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  1. 2-0. An excellent performance, from what I could hear while cooking all afternoon. Here's hoping this really gets the team underway for the season. Come On You Saints. This'll be my last post on The Saints Web. I'm leaving after 10 years of Keith Legg/Saints Forever/The Saints Web. Wishing you all the best of success and luck. Cheers.
  2. What shall I say..? Disappointed. Should have won..? One point away, in the circumstances is not enough. Yeovil are struggling and we didn't take advantage. People will say: Andy, did you see the match..? I'll say: It doesn't matter. I expect better. Rather Alpine like, aren't I..?
  3. I read £27M, somewhere. Either way, he was quite a contributor.
  4. No mate, it still is 2005. I've dreamed the last 5 years away, in one night. Can you believe it, I dreamed Saints got relegated twice. So glad it's not true. I reckon Crouch ought to get his chance in the first team.
  5. In a fundamantal way, you are right. Those Segways are ridiculous things. They are the autogyro [no pun intended] of the 21st century. They allow us people [if they ever really caught on] to be even lazier than we already are, by taking away the very essense of basic exercise, that of walking, and standing aboard a two wheeled vehicle that can't fall over. However, the concept of an [at rest] unstable vehicle that can't topple over is very interesting. And the scientific principles and technology can go in other lucrative directions.
  6. As we can see, the Beeb have been marking the anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and there have been quite a few good programmes. I know, from older relatives and archive news how Southampton was bombed many, many times, mainly because it was the first source of the Supermarine Spitfire, and because of the Docks. Whether you know much or little of WWII times, I would urge you to watch at least the first 10 minutes of this programme on the iPlayer. Makes for fascinating viewing. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00trb42/Battle_of_Britain_The_South_Coast_Trail/#
  7. Which is why I included... or people in the news... Do try to keep up.
  8. No, he didn't invent the thing. He bought the company in 2009.
  9. Have you noticed that celebrity deaths go in little cycles..? I don't mean to be rotten about this, but it can't escaped people's notice that celebrities, or people in the news, don't seem to pop off in isolation; whole floods of them wait for the right moment. In the last couple of days we've had: That Rugby League player - Terry Newton [actually I thought it was Keith Newton, the 1970's England FB, so I went... awww..!] Jimi Heselden, the man who owns the Segway company, the famous two wheeled vehicle that can't fall over, died yesterday. He fell over a cliff while riding his. Then there's Gloria Stuart, the American actress who played the last survivor in the film Titanic. Well she died today, so there are no more survivors. Well, pretend survivors. But there are no more survivors anyway. But I digress. I reckon this week could see a few more. Odd, isn't it, don't you think..? I think it happens a lot.
  10. Indeed. Took my magical car out to the shops this evening. It started to drizzle/rain. I put the heater on, just for my hands. I forgot to mention before that it doesn't have windscreen wipers. It does have a windscreen though.
  11. You must have had the same car. Mine has a good heater though and the air-con is as fresh as there is. It's even got an outside temperature indicator [can you believe it..?] I'm not saying anything about the manhole cover.
  12. Going to have to be picky about this mightysaints, as I don't need it. I'm a vinyl bloke, as you know, but it would be an OK alternative. Let me think about it. Cheers
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