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       35 minutes ago,  johnnyboy said: 

    Have I missed something , we are still winning yes ? 


       34 minutes ago,  trousers said: 

    Have I missed something? You've been a Saints fan for several years and don't realise what typically happens in games like this...? ;)

    Membership of the "we know what happens here" club available if you want to sign up @johnnyboy...?

    Always been a member , thought maybe we had turned a corner , alas nothings changed!
  2. 36 minutes ago, Turkish said:

    Download the universal TV app for your iPad or phone, has 4 or 5 good streams for every single sporting event. Thank me later 

    Not seeing anything other than an old Spanish app is that it ? Always nice to have a back up source !

  3. 12 minutes ago, pimpin4rizeal said:

    I’m a semi pro gambler, agree the snowballing could have effect.. but it can also work the other way around and could be short due to itk people backing because they have info.

    what I will say though the West Ham rumours have been at least as strong as ours so why no rumours snow balling effect for them?

    to me there is such a big difference I think there may be something in this 

    Good luck arguing with MLG !

  4. 2 minutes ago, Appy said:

    He’s a number two, should be backup, but we’ve got ourselves into a mess where he starts every week. Only really good game I remember him having in the last year we lost anyway. 

    Be fair to Macca he had a blinder in the win over City , but he has got worse ,

  5. 5 minutes ago, adrian lord said:

    Absolutely hilarious faux pas from Patrice Evra regarding Louis Saha and Moyes’s daughter leading to an exquisitely embarrassed apology from the bird presenting, And now an excruciating atmosphere in the studio during their punditry on the Arsenal-West Ham match. Sky will wish they never sacked the three old guys!!

    Care to elaborate for those of us not watching !

  6. 4 hours ago, Danbert said:

    They really are a joke club - the hubris of planning to be a global force when you can't get past Stevenage in the cup, 

    I don’t want to get all MLG on you but unfortunately they beat Stevenage on penalties, not relevant I know , still a joke club though !

  7. 3 minutes ago, Fitzhugh Fella said:

    Met Carl a few times and a real nice chap. From London but has embedded himself in So'ton and is the Athletic's dedicated reporter exclusive to Southampton. Carl is very hot on the tactical side of the game (often leaves me confused) and has also conducted interviews with ex-players like Moran, Tessem, Beattie etc. He goes to all the away games, travels and chats with the fans and really has tried to get into the soul of the club. Attends all pressers and fully credited. I have been trying to persuade him to do an article on the punch up years and have even tracked Andy Oldknow (living in Saudi) for him but think Carl got cold feet. You get some proper grown up football articles in the Athletic so even the non-Saints stuff is worthwhile.

    Enjoyed a few articles on there today , plenty to read whilst on furlough , just finished the benali on tour one ! Anybody from here ?

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