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  1. What a game this is. Crucial that Lemina is fit IMO, the midfield 3 would work perfectly as we’d control the game even more then we did yesterday.














    I do wonder whether he might go Bertrand CB and McQueen wing back though.


    Think I would prefer that. It'd mean we still had a CB on the bench albeit one that makes too many silly fouls.

  2. From a geeky point of view I'm finding the history lesson interesting.

    Would love to see the team go forward and cut AFCB to bits. Hughes like muscle and target men which is a shame as Les has brought in loads of amazing free flowing footballers..


    It will be interesting to see who Hughes chooses.

  3. Had he stayed fit I doubt we'd even been worrying about relegation. Our only natural scorer is Austin.. sure he looks a bit on the tubby side, slow, unfit and not actually that good at the football stuff but he has the one ****ing thing a striker needs the ability to actually score goals.


    He can only score when on the pitch and he spends little time on it.

  4. with Les I think its more bad than good unfortunately - and a lot of taking the credit for work done by others and myths - if not actually self delusion.


    The Black Box was actually Paul Mitchell by the looks of it - most of the the good signings seemed to happen when he was here or just after he left - Tadic, Alderweireld, Mane, Rodriguez, Clyne, Bertrand, Redmond etc - and I would guess Van Dijk was on the list. I am not sure where the Long signing comes from.


    Ramirez and Osvaldo were Cortese vanity signings.


    Pelle was a Koeman signing which didn't fit the black-box model but worked. Clasie and Martina were bad Koeman signings. Pied a bad Puel signing. Boufal who knows - but it hasn't worked. Austin like Hoedt was just an obvious one. Carillo a Pellegrino signing.


    Since Mitchell left Reed's signings have been more bad than good - and lets not get in to the Alderweireld fiasco!


    Much like the academy - its got worse under Reed not better. A lot of the success we had seems to have been down to the work done by Huw Jennings and his crew before they left - and have since repeated at Fulham.


    Hard to argue with this.

  5. None.


    If I was ever really. really pid off with one it was SRL (hold the bloke in high esteem). It could have all waited until the end of the WC. Totally extinguished my football dream fireworks with urine. It was plain fng obvious that others would follow.


    At the time I was angry because all l,f,c wanted was the story and the hype plus a few other players. I completely understand SRL moving there but feel that Brenda and l.f.c made a bit of a ct of both him and us.


    If I remember it took the heat away from a slight slip by l,f,c.


    lost any respect for Scousehampton (couldn't resist a childish insult and it's way better than the cringe worthy "liverhampton" (it doesn't even scan ffs)) that year.


    As for giving any of the grief I say go for it LF. Will you do my nivea, it's so soft but we're men ****s. There is enough meat to chew on without bringing family into it.

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