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  1. Just now, saint lard said:

    Djenepo....was abysmal. 
    Alex McCarthy should take a bow. Brilliant. 

    Yeah, Djenny seemed utterly resistant to running at his opponent...... But that's what he does..... Maybe an instruction to play it safe?

    And Alex was on fire.

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  2. Mayonnaise.

    Emulsified egg white and vegetable oil, come along to be in every single pre-packed bit of sandwich and wrap you can think of, including the ones that on face value wouldn't require it. Chicken Tikka doesn't contain this appalling waste of calories, so why do the sandwiches?

    Disgusting, vile gloop.

  3. Sing it guys.... 


    Just wonderful, can't believe how good some of our play was tonight. It didn't feel like watching Saints at times, that good. Subtle flicks, confident triangles, direct pass and press. All without our talisman and with a prodigy returning and showing his love and desire for the club that helped make him.

    Loving this.

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  4. Project 'Big Picture?'

    No, project 'opportunistic b*stards.'

    Using the covid crisis as an opportunity to solidify position with a dangled carrot of supporting the lower leagues which will see it through.

    Quite disgusting really. 

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  5. 22 hours ago, farawaysaint said:

    Agreed with Trousers, you should be spoiled for choice. Black and Gold in Sliema will usually show the prem games as well and generally have a good crowd . 

    There are usually a few bars on the Sliema promenade as well which show the games. 

    Yep, you will have no trouble at all. I have family in Qawra (Basically the Maltese Blackpool) and there are no end of Bars. St Juliens and nearby Paceville, which is the centre of Malta's nightlife will be utterly full of bars showing live football.

    In July/Early August there were very little restrictions other then wearing facemasks in shops. It's getting stricter now but it's still very free out there. Have a great time.

  6. 15 quid is just hilariously expensive. It's like they want it to fail.

    Paying 40 quid for Sky, then 10 quid for BT Sport, then paying extra for each sodding game. Just do one.

    Dodgy streams here I come.

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  7. 1 minute ago, S-Clarke said:

    Yeah, it's a strange one in my eyes. Have been thinking about this all day and I still can't quite make sense of it, other than it being a bit of an emotional return. I guess he'll offer us more than Boufal, so it's an upgrade of sorts in that area....I dunno, jury is out. Need to see him play to understand if he's any good these days, the talk is that he isn't and his legs have completely gone.

    Would he?

    In purely goal terms, maybe. Boufal had 3 in 70...... Walcott 10 in 77 for Everton.

    No idea what kind of fitness Theo is in. Most comparable player in our team, maybe Redmond? Shades of Aaron Lennon when he went to Burnley. Solid enough, but not going to make a difference as such. Can only be a squad option.... a 60k a week, short term squad option. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Ex Lion Tamer said:

    At least Diallo is better at passing I guess. He just has a lot less going forward.

    Not what we need him for.

    Thanks for those stats. 

  9. That was exactly what we needed. 

    Brilliantly worked early goal to split open a stubborn defence, wonderful play from KWP and Adams (so unselfish) to set up Ings. From then on, thoroughly professional and organised.

    Burnley were never going to lend themselves to us attempting expansive play so very pleasing that we could stay firm and deprive them.

    Our season has now begun.

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