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  1. I didn’t move it originally but I’ll move it back.


    Hazard basically confirming he’s off, wonder what Chelsea will be like without him next year.


    I moved it, general sports even says on it's description non saints related football...

  2. Mark Dreyer, founder of the China Sports Insider website, says Saints fans ought to be worried.


    "There are just so many red flags with this whole deal," said Beijing-based Dreyer, citing Chinese investments in English football that have gone awry, such as Tony Xia's ill-fated spell as owner of Aston Villa after he came out of nowhere to buy the club in 2016.


    Two years later the money dried up and Villa found themselves in a perilous financial position.


    "Typically when it comes to Chinese investment you've got to pay attention to the red flags," said Dreyer.


    "Nobody has heard of this company (LD Sports), nobody has heard of this guy supposedly behind it and there's no information about how much money they're supposed to be paying for this 'record' deal.


    "Why on earth would Southampton fans have any confidence that this company is going to be around in three months, never mind three years?"




    Luckily for us that guy has never been right about anything Saints related. So desperate to be ITK it's unreal.

  3. Ok ok ok. Roll up roll up. Sorry I’ve been dormant, I’ve been on my travels, I however have been given a trove of “info”. Detailed below.


















    Joakim Mæhlea

    Che Adams

    Florian Aye

    Ronaldo Mandragora

    Rafael Toloi

    Tom Cairney

    Ryan Sessi

    Luca Connell

    Mbwana Samatta

    ohikhuaeme omoijuanfo

    Paulhino (haeken)

    Ben Heinrichs

    Niklas Sule




    In no way am I saying these will all happen or if any of them, please do not hate.




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    Oh goody, another window of this :rolleyes:

  4. Yes I’m dead serious. There are some things they are good at, and they’re hard workers, but they’re decision making and marking (look at both lukaku goals) is a recurring problem.


    Give others a chance and build upon newbies rather than relying on these two and I think the team becomes better exponentially.



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    Hahahaha comedy gold

  5. Cardiff City manager: "He was my player."


    Cardiff City fans: "Emiliano is a Bluebird, always in our hearts."


    Cardiff City FC: "We're not going to pay for him if we can avoid it."




    It's all a bit farcical, isn't it?


    It's embarrassing, just pay the dosh

  6. I don’t know what game some of you divs were watching. Both were nailed on pens, we got lucky with the first we didn’t with the second. Yes you could argue Stephens was fouled but it still wouldn’t have made him stick is arm above his head, was a stupid thing to do with 30 seconds left, a ridiculous thing to do and have the ref a chance to make up for his earlier error.


    A decent point but to draw after getting ourselves in a winning position feels like a defeat. Two massive games ahead and six points are Vital.


    Probably the most sensible post you have made for a while :lol:

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