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  1. It would be so, so wrong if they were allowed to compete in the EL. I don't think it would be all that much of a benefit to them either. I can't see an average CCC squad getting past the first round. They will get f**k all prize money or TV money from that. Probably barely enough to cover the costs of travel and bonuses for their squad. I think it would be better for all concerned if they just let Everton have the place. They deserve it and are a much better representation for English football.
  2. I know this is probably ancient Pompey news, but I've only just noticed it. Pompey can't play Dindane without incuring a £4m loan fee for making a certain number of appearances. £4m?!?!? as part of a loan fee? Who the flippin' 'eck authorised that in the PFC boardroom.
  3. Have I missed something here, I thought you could sell players at any time but you could only buy players when the window was open. Hence Pompey could already sell players to clubs in Russia or Ukraine for example, but not to any English clubs.
  4. It is hilarious how the people running Pompey can be sooooooo naive. Throwing the toys out of the pram because of the 9 points. In what possible way could it be argued that Pompey don't deserve the minus 9? They have bankrupt themselves paying wages and transfers they can't possibly afford. Even the administrator has said it is a terrible way to run a club. Almost as ridiculous as the idea of someone buying the club. I can't wait to see the blok who thinks, "24 CCC clubs next season, forget Forest, Leeds and Sheff Utd, I want the one with £70m of debt"
  5. Ha! Just seen Storrie on the news. When asked who would want to buy PFC he basically said, "it's a fantastic club, great supporters, unique city blah blah." Completely avoided the question.
  6. You're probably right, although it would be completely unfair. Being knocked out of the competition by a club which was trading whilst insolvent, with players they can't afford. If that situation did arise, I would appeal if I were Saints.
  7. I think that's a misprint guys, it should say "insolent"
  8. Wasn't there last one given to Chelsea and Arsenal? I think RC Lens claim they are still owed money. Not sure they will have an awful lot of that cash available to continue opperating.
  9. 2 hour lunch break? WTF is it, a hog roast?
  10. Note to self. Never attempt satire on the internet. Just got another text from the same guy. Apparently the hearing was delayed because Storrie has just remembered three sofas in the corporate suites he hasn't checked for lose change. Can I chose the week? Only, I'm off to the Bahamas next January.
  11. Just had a text from a mate who is a barrister in this case. Apparently they have been wound up and wont be able to complete their fixtures for this season. Which mean no derby this weekend.
  12. SSN: "A decent save by Westwood at Fratton" Are they that desperate for players?
  13. Simple. Wage capping, as standard accross Europe so no particular league suffers.
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