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  1. 21 hours ago, OldNick said:

    I also note that listening to the brilliant Totalsaints podcast ( if you dont listen you really should, and also become a Patron) one of the contributors who also does a fantastic blog, gave Nathan 1 out of 10 for the Fulham game. Totally unwarranted when he gave Minamino 3. Its fine to have an opinion, but to be so warped and unfair is very wrong.

    We need to be balanced with criticism and not kick one of our squad so viciously.

    You're right. 1 out of 10 is too harsh. 2 out of 10 perhaps would've been fairer. He was shocking against Fulham and has been all season except in one game against a Championship defence. 

    Not hating on the guy, just stating reality. 

  2. It's been hard having to keep this one quiet until the official announcement! 😁 Glad it's all sorted. The whole family is relieved, especially after the year we've all had we didn't want Theo disappearing somewhere up north again. Mel can sleep easy again now bless her.

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  3. Redderz! Get in it's about bloody time you put in a good performance, and that was a great performance. The cynic may suggest that he's found his level against Championship defenders who back off and back off, but let's not take away from a solid 90 minutes from him. Hopefully that can now give him the much needed confidence to go and put a good shift in against Prem teams.

    Loved both his finishes especially for his first. 

    Please keep it up Nathan.

  4. On 19/03/2021 at 07:00, JRM said:

    Why would it matter if he wasn't? 

    If those who are worried have the jab they don't need to worry about him do they. 

    People like to scoff and patronise with flippant comments about conspiracy theories, I don't doubt that covid is real but there's plenty about this pandemic that just does not make sense, 3 week lockdown to "protect the NHS" still a year on, businesses destroyed,  national debt sky high, nothing wrong questioning the motives of WEF etc. The Great Reset, Build Back Better. 

    He's still number one Saints legend. 

    Jesus f**king christ. We need a facepalm emoji on the reactions for sh*t like this.

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  5. 10 minutes ago, davefizzy14 said:

    I hope Redders steps up today and delivers to shut some people up on here. I'm going for a 2-0 victory today - Redmond and Adams to score - COYR :)

    If he plays well we'll be delighted. If he plays terribly once again people will point it out. 

    Seeing him on the team sheet is such a massive downer. Bournemouth stand a far better chance of winning with him in the team than with him on the bench. Let's hope he rediscovers some form today. Please. PLEASE!!!!

  6. 9 hours ago, The Cat said:

    Wasn't that many years ago there was a rumble outside the Withdean, whereas nowdays the rivalry has changed to coming up with pathetic anagrams. 

    What rivalry? They're not trying to pretend we're their rivals are they? 😐 If so, just like Bournemouth, desperate for some relevance.

    Brighton are alright. Nice place, decent club, play good football. Rivalry! 😂 

    (laughing at the idea of a rivalry, not you Mr. The Cat)

  7. 7 minutes ago, Saint_clark said:

    Would much rather see Tella take Redmond's space in the squad, who would still have clubs willing to pay £15-20million for him as for some bizarre reason he's still highly rated elsewhere. Then we get wages off the bill and cash to spend. 

    Redmond would command something between 5-8 mil I reckon, which is still 5-8 mil more than he's worth. 

    Tella on the other hand looks dangerous and his pace is going to cause plenty of teams problems. He's going to score soon if he keeps getting starts.

  8. Yet another composed performance from Fraser. Made a great save from another offside chance which apparently isn't allowed to be mentioned, and looks so assured. He commands his box far better than McCarthy and his handling is far better too. Why has it taken so long?

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  9. 4 hours ago, Lee On Solent Saint said:

    Absolutely, if Ralph persists with this idea, at least Stephens has experience playing there, not much more but a little. He didn't do much wrong against Newcastle earlier in the season.

    He got caught way out of position for one of Newcastle's goals. Both Stephens and Bednarek aren't decent right back options annoyingly.

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  10. 4 hours ago, Saint Billy said:

    I don't want to cast all the blame on Redmond for another loss, but my god, it seems that most of our attacking play breaks down when it gets to Redmond.

    A slightly better effort in the second half but overall yet another toothless display. It does seem that unless we get a free kick that JWP  might dispatch we have no chance of getting a result.

    It's definitely not all Redmond's fault, obviously, but right now he's playing terribly and has been for weeks and weeks.

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  11. Oh look at that, Forster played well and Redmond played woefully. Who could have predicted that? No more listening to the geniuses on here who said those two things were impossible, please Ralph.

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  12. I think people dislike Puel because they didn't like being bored to tears watching utterly depressing football with a talented squad. I think people like Ralph because his teams play exciting football and try to win games and score goals, albeit with less talent in the squad. 

    Now that Ralph's style is starting to come undone it'll be interesting to see how people's opinions of Ralph change. Let's not pretend Puel was some "world class manager" to quote a certain poster on here, just because Ralph's team isn't doing well.

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  13. Funny how a decent assist (and it was decent) and some flicks in unthreatening positions can overshadow weeks of poor performances, wasted opportunities, clumsy controls and continued loss of possession for some posters on here. Having the forum simpleton Turkish come to his defence is arguably Redmond's most damning assessment. 

    Ralph seems intent on picking players out of form so hopefully he starts to play well soon. 

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