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  1. Pointless subsidising these tickets then, better away at Liverpool or Middlesbrough. We'd have sold 1,500 easy at £30 like we've done for the past few seasons at over £50 a ticket, live on TV or not. Do Chelsea make it financially attractive to the visiting club to take less tickets so they can then sell them for more to home fans?


    F*ck up by SFC.


    I wouldn't be laying blame with Chelsea for this one; Saints have just taken an "initial" allocation of 983 for Liverpool!

  2. According to West Brom's site, the Baggies are selling tickets for the April 8th game against Saints starting March 13th for General Sale.


    I don't see any word on Saints site regarding when tickets to the away section will be released and what the requirements are.


    Anyone have any idea on when that might come out?


    Usually 3-4 weeks prior to the game.

  3. But Caceres / PEH have experience in big games and finals. Personally I think they are the sort of player you need.


    From what I can tell PEH has played in one final, of which he was substituted when the game was 0-0.


    Caceres has not played competitive football for over a year. Playing him ahead of Stephens would be idiotic.

  4. Potentially a stupid question, but does purchasing tickets to future home matches (i.e. falling after 26th Feb) count or do you have to have physically (as far as the club knows) "attended" them (rather than just purchased them)? I know there was talk of West Ham / Arsenal (trick I clearly missed), but wasn't sure if that was simply down to the price.


    Any games that took place after West Ham at home were/are not eligible.

  5. Can I please ask for some thoughts and advice. Yesterday morning there were 3,400 tickets available. I have just had a rough count up of tickets still remaining and it is approximately 2,105 (give or take 100). I have three homes in my purchase history, so I can hopefully purchase a ticket tomorrow. However, I also want a ticket for my 8-year-old son, but he only has one home game to his name. (Before I get hit by the plastic fan label, I have been a supporter for 35 years and I've attended hundreds of games, but I now live in Cornwall and I don't have the disposable income to attend regularly any more).


    I now have the dilemma of waiting (and hoping) that members with just one game will get the chance to buy a ticket - at which point I buy two tickets. Or I get myself a ticket tomorrow and hope that I can get my son a ticket on Friday, and then politely ask people to exchange seats on the day so he can be sat next to me. Thoughts please.


    A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. I'd buy one tomorrow, but select perhaps less desirable seats (back couple of rows) and hope that nearby seats will be available to +1. Probably touch and go if they're available at that stage though.

  6. So do you think a family of 3 with 4 games on their customer numbers but not official members should pay the £65 to become members and then would be more than likely to get tickets. Its for my colleague, I really don't want to talk her into getting official membership as they are on a tight budget if they don't get tickets.


    Financially it's up to her, but there's no way all the tickets will be sold before it reaches members and 4+ games.

  7. Just finished a count for those on 5 games and lower...


    5535 left (+/- 1% margin of error) and that was at 10:15- so past the initial rush.


    Wouldn't mind knowing how many people have membership plus 5 games- then we can all relax!


    It seems that only around 2,000 have sold since it got past season ticket holders. I feel like it'll get down to members with no games / general sale. Can't imagine the club would pass up the opportunity to make people buy memberships if they haven't been this season.

  8. Just bought mine, phew! Although haven't had a confirmation email yet, hopefully that's nothing to worry about, I took a screenshot just in case.


    I bought two tickets, does anyone know if they will be both come to me, or will they be posted to the separate customer addresses? My dad isn't sure if he's ever updated his address since moving house a couple of years ago...! Normally the tickets would come to me (e.g. Europa), but not sure if it's different for the Cup Final.


    It said on the site that tickets get sent to the person who completes the transaction.


    Just bought mine, no issues at all.

  9. Whats the breakdown on selling per day to members?

    Is it 8 home games today?

    7 Weds

    6 ?

    I know Saturday is for 5 home games and a membership.


    Members with 8+ have both today and tomorrow (seemingly unnecessary), Thursday 7+, Friday 6+, Saturday 5+.

  10. I've just logged in straight away with no wait screen at all. So guessing all members with +8 homes have bought? Not sure why there's no separate sales criteria tomorrow with the next eligibility on Thursday.




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    Agreed. Surely everybody eligible today would be sorting them ASAP after 9am? Especially after the club gave no guarantees beyond STHs.

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