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  1. 2 hours ago, Badger said:

    After one decent game ... against Watford ?

    Depends how much the cash is though, and what they're valuing KWP at. Think we could aim for, and bring in better.

    I agree he has had limited playing time, but I would add that he played very well against Arsenal.  It was obvious that he is miles better than Valery.  Other options at better value?  Maybe, I don't know.  My opinion is that Valery is not good enough to be the first RB on the team sheet and someone needs to come in.  If the Spurs deal is reasonable, we should take it.  Buying fringe defenders from Top 6 clubs has worked for us before (Bertie, Chelsea).

  2. Why is this thread on the main Saints board as it is clearly a topic that should be placed in the Lounge?  There are quite a few posters on this thread, who I respect for their views on the Saints, but it is evident that I want to know as little about their wider political views as possible.    

  3. Reluctantly transferred Adams out of my Fantasy team today.

    Past experience means we can now expect a man-of-the-match hat-trick performance from him tomorrow.


    Did the same. We can share the credit for this.

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