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  1. Think this is a significant time for any rivalry. On a weekend when we won away at one of the world's most famous clubs, a victory that caused radio 5's commentator to say we could be surprise contender for champions league this season - skates lost to a team I honestly didn't even know were in the football league. Look here rarely now. Was explaining to my sons how I didn't see them as rivals until recently as they were insignificant. If they don't make play offs this season they are doomed. Support will continue to die. Community feel good factor gone. They will have no chance o
  2. Just noticed that I hadn't even bothered to see their results lately. Most my life I didn't see them as rivals as were at a lower level - just team to take the p1ss out of. Guess, without even noticing, they are back there! However, pleasantly surprised to see how low they are.
  3. You serious? I honestly thought it was a wind up when saw their kit and found it via their OS to check. At worst ours isn't unique, I can understand those preferring stripes although personally prefer other red/white kits. But ours is hardly on the same scale as that fashion students bit of camp fun.
  4. Wouldn't go as far as that, wouldn't be total shock if didn't happen
  5. Was about to post this, first time deadline pit as END OF PLAYING SEASON I always assumed some date in summer, just in time for alternative arrangements. Now guess last date of any football league play offs (championship?).
  6. The meeting with Birch earlier. Just to update you all. (I didn't take notes but will put down the main points and ask for a more thorough report from Bill later) - Birch will be asking the Football League to release a sum of money that would keep Pompey going until the end of the season. If the FL say "no" then the club's money will run out in early/mid April unless player deals can be done. - On the topic of player deals, clubs have expressed an interest in the players that Pompey don't want to lose. Birch has tried to offload the other high earners but hasn't been able to. There is a
  7. Admin on talksport now - two weeks to conclude deal or liquidation!!!!!
  8. Birch it is, should be interesting in about 5 days time.....
  9. Birch says can't work with AA as they have very different views on compliance!! what is that saying to the world!!
  10. New update - I called him again and asked about the likeliness of liquidation and he said 'the club will definitely not go into liquidation. Though it may go into administration, the club will not go into liquidation.'
  11. http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=424&fid=203&sty=2&act=1&mid=2115360081 talk to AA time??!!!
  12. http://lordpalmerston.wordpress.com/
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