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  1. This is embarrassing from Long. Watts only stand out player. We make players look shit as a no. 10 when theyre not one.
  2. Third Round Proper winners (32) £61,500 Fourth Round Proper winners (16) £90,000 Fifth Round Proper winners (8) £180,000 Quarter-Final winners (4) £360,000 Semi-Final winners (2) £900,000 Semi-Final losers (2) £450,000 Final runners-up (1) £900,000 Final winners (1) £1,800,000
  3. LeG

    Mohammed Salisu

    Not the case. Also...All this weather stuff is absolute bollocks. He just mentioned it like most players do when they arrive in England. Salisu arrived in extremely poor condition, with two muscular injuries. Hopefully his injury isnt one of thkse flaring up. He's obviously been dealing with something else, which will remain private. This guy is the future of our club.
  4. If Ings showed no symptoms, and used his home gym / treadmill, there is every chance he will be up top tomorrow with Adams.
  5. Bert will be offered a job upstairs when he finishes here.
  6. They are waiting for negative test results from Shrews players. Doubt they will get them.
  7. LeG

    FA Cup Draw

    Surely the PL will always get priority.
  8. LeG

    FA Cup Draw

    Not the greatest draw for us. Interesting nevertheless... Wonder how this is all going to pan out???
  9. Currently injured i think. Contract runs until june 2022 and there's already some very big teams sniffing. Not sure what the injury is, but i was under the impression that this was his breakthrough season. Doubt he's impressed with us signing players to come into the first team in his position...but like i said, not sure on his injury status. If he's out for a while, it would explain the transfer. Will be a top player for someone.
  10. LeG

    Mohammed Salisu

    I was originally told that he was potentially out until January.
  11. I was also torn between the two ideas. I'm usually in favour of playing your best team and then rest players with second half substitutions, but there have been so many injuries, and players need a rest.
  12. LeG

    Mohammed Salisu

    Amazing. They have NO idea. Please disregard.
  13. Forster Valery Salisu Stephens Vokins Diallo Romeu Smallboner Chauke Tella Nlundulu Bench in case it goes wrong Lewis Bednarek KWP JWP Adams Ings Armstrong Long
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