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  1. All he needed to do was check the monitor. Its mind boggling. We need a new crop of refs in my opinion.
  2. Not even the CFO will know if theres a sale on the cards, let alone Adam Blackmore. It will be Gao, Kat and lawyers to start with. We are up for sale.
  3. Start with your strongest team, then sub.
  4. If they recover ok...absolutely the same team. Always start with your best side and then make use of the 5 subs. Let's keep the momentum going and take it into next season.
  5. Theyre apparently putting put a completely new back 4. Id say we can get at them with the right tactics....its just keeping them out. Without KDB, Sterling and Aguero....and playing stones in a back 4....surely this game has at least come at the right time for us. We will need to pretend its an away game and play like men posessed though!
  6. LeG

    Fraser Forster

    Good idea. He needs the game time and still young. Huge gamble if Fraser returns and reverts back to his new old self.
  7. He wasn't fully fit and hadnt played for 3months
  8. For me... Gunn KWP - Stephens - Vestergaard - Bednarek - Bertie Armstrong - JWP - Hojberg - Redmond Ings 4222 when attacking and 541 when defending Djenepo and Long from the bench around 60mins.
  9. Thanks SuperSAINT. I Was indeed very happy for him. Wont be long before he gets his chance now Will Ferry also an exciting prospect.
  10. LeG

    Watford build up

    Thats a championship line up with 4 prem players in it. Not good. Hope they put in a big performance and show why theyre in the team. COYR.
  11. I think we may take another look at Lemina.
  12. LeG

    Arsenal build up

    Martinelli is out for them. And theyre working on new deals for Luiz and Cedric. Unbelievable.
  13. LeG


    Harrison Reed is playing the football of his life at Fulham this season. A contact who works at Fulham FC said, "He's Immense, so solid and was the best player on the pitch by a mile yesterday". Wonder if he will finally get a chance or if we are ready to cash in?? Contract ends in 2021....£10m if we sold now imo
  14. LeG

    Arsenal build up

    Poor.... or making mistakes in the best league in the world while only being 19 after 3 months out? How is he supposed to learn and improve...no better place than on the pitch right? You will get a little inconsistency with a player who has played a handful of professional games. Look at some of his finishing vs chelsea and westham. You should get behind our youth players, because you'll be seeing a lot more of them soon. Obafemi would have learnt so much from that game. Ings and Ralph will be guiding him.
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