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  1. I don't know the name but Marriott fits the bill.
  2. I believe that the interested party who almost bought us were in the hotel business. The pandemic hit and the deal collapsed. DaGrossa...im pretty sure hes just using the whole thing to get his name out there. Its all gone rather quiet. Either nothing is happening any more, or someone very serious is doing a deal quietly.
  3. That was a complete performance. RH got his tactics spot on, but I did think he was late with his subs again. Everton came into the game a little just before the red card. Thought all players (minus redmond) apart looked sharp, extremely fit and enjoying the system. I find Redmond infuriating. I think its decision making rather than technical ability. Eg shoots when he should pass....dithers instead of counter attacks etc After the red card I saw JWP, Romeu, Armstrong and Ings, amongst others, maintain a high level of pressure, yet Bertrand and Redmond became lazy and sloppy. Says it all
  4. Not aware of any real talks going on at the moment, but wouldn't hear anything at that kind of level anyway. Its basically just owners, buyers and lawyers. We were very close to being sold before the pandemic but that fell through as the buyer got hit in the pocket big time.
  5. LeG

    Mohammed Salisu

    Calm down everyone. Its best to not speculate. Close the thread and move on. He will be back soon enough. A tough time to be Salisu.
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