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  1. Not for long. I get what you mean but for their standards they have dropped pts, got injuries, conceded too many and are struggling with the schedule. I doubt they will win the league this season.
  2. Think penalties should be scrapped unless its a goal scoring chance. Liverpool not having a great season....things you love to see.
  3. Ditched the high line and JS though and havent lost since?
  4. Imagine if we absolutely stuff them. Its going to happen to a team at some point.
  5. LeG

    Oriol Romeu

    I reckon it was Josh Sims bragging about how he once shared a pitch with Bradley Wright Phillips.
  6. Gary Neville also said the grass was too long 😂
  7. Had a look on RedCafe. They're very complimentary about us / Ralph. Some saying we are one of the best teams in world football at pressing. Most finding it a difficult call. A draw wouldn't be a bad result. If we can keep them down to 1 we have every chance.
  8. Our boys love playing United. We will harass them for most of the game. Should cause them a lot of problems.
  9. Thought we scored against the run of play and a sub was needed soon after. RH is like Poch. Brilliant plan A....almost no plan B. Something didn't quite click tonight. Anyway...if us not quite finding our mojo is a point away to Portugal...we've come a long way. Great to be a Saints fan at the moment. We will outwork united for 90mins.
  10. 18. Got Valery's shirt number wrong which im quite pleased with. 1 year out for Stuey. It was his birthday recently iirc. No ITK is ever 100%
  11. We can revisit this at the end of the season when we've won the league on an absolute shoestring
  12. Somewhere else. Same as when I said Walcott was on a shortlist, so is Maehle. He has been on it a while though. I'm very suprised he isn't already here to be honest. Might be a financial thing....waiting for January. We know the player wants out. Maybe the club viewed Williams as a better option, but im not convinced united will sell and we sure as hell arent developing other teams' players without an indication of a permanent move down the line.
  13. Maehle can play LB, LWB, LM, RB, RWB and RM. Young, rapid, PL build and excellent fitness. Wouldn't cost too much. He would displace KWP let alone challenge him imo. It would really help us to have this kind of player. Hope we get him.
  14. Maehle could finally sign in January! Longer than Skacel this one.
  15. But is he signing a new deal???
  16. LeG

    Mohammed Salisu

    Agree with a few posts from above. This thread should be locked until further news. Fans will never know the truth and neither should they. I can assure everybody that although he had a muscular injury and a slight niggle when we signed him - He is not a crock. In fact, he has the potential to be an extremely good defender. We are doing well, so no need to rush him.
  17. Armstrong yellow card and now suspended for the next game. Got to love Ralph
  18. Think he learnt this at Saints though. He's developing into a brilliant manager at the same rate that the players are developing into a brilliant team.
  19. LeG

    Injury Watch

    Bench or following week I imagine
  20. That is excellent news... Though does give Wolves a chance to schedule in a few more training sessions with their returning international players.
  21. LeG


    Club are working with Djenepo re his muscle injuries. He will be some player imo
  22. Be a very good test this. I see them as top 7 rivals!
  23. Why the fuck do Mink farms even exist. Ffs. Also glad vesty seemingly hasnt travelled
  24. 32 years to be top, and we do it again in 6minutes!
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