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  1. You are only interested in keeping British fish for British fish ****ers, you dirty Skate .


    No need to worry boy!EU not interested in pony stocks:smug:and yes you are right, i do want all joly foreigner fishing boats out of British water.

  2. Strange. Last time they made the final they were only going “to take my kids to experience Wembley” and “a one off day out”. This time it’s to show the support for the club but not the trophy. Whatever fits to boycott the boycott



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    Wembley, it's almost like another league fixture now,,, innit!:rolleyes::smug:

  3. https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/why-fratton-station-threatens-to-delay-portsmouth-s-fratton-park-redevelopment-1-9143131


    "We intend to redevelop the stadium including a new Milton End, creating a 30k capacity venue if:

    1. We can buy all 35 properties on Alverstone Road (a max of 6 bought to date)

    2. We get support/approval from other householders affected by building a new stand

    3. Network rail spends millions on Fratton Station

    4. Someone spends millions turning the Rodney Road industrial park into something less of an eyesore

    5. FTSE 100 companies agree to buy corporate boxes in the new Milton End stand (if you build it they will come)

    6. We keep councillor Donna Jones in our pocket by employing her as stadium development consultant (no conflict of interest there at all...no sir)

    7. We manage to get ourselves out of the third division

    8. Global warming is reversed

    9. Oil is discovered in the small section of car park between Tesco and the Fratton End

    10. Brexit is a success for everyone in the UK

    11. World peace is declared

    12. Oh I forgot. When we find the maker of a real tardice so that we can increase the capacity of the Milton end AND add corporate boxes without making the stand any higher.


    All feasible,,,,except maybe no 7,,feckers:(

  4. If ever there was a time for Mack to laugh at us more than we laugh at them, this is it!





    But a comical injury time own-goal equaliser after being two-up??

    That's always funny!


    it feckin ain't!! happening too many times,:mcinnes:

  5. He's currently undercover on Portsea, gathering info four comedic use - recording booing and counting teeth.

    His cover was nearly blown when he was selling lucky heather in Frogmore Road on Saturday - he fourgot to cross his eyes and they spotted his wire.

    Fourtunately one of his fellow students from horse-punching classes was there to vouch for him and they dismissed the recorder as witchcraft.

    There have been worries that he's in too deep and gone rogue...he's bought himself a bell, started to ignore invoices and refuses to wash.

    It might be time to try and bring him back.



  6. we huffed and puffed, you slipped 4 past us at a Kanter, didn't hurt as much as i thought it would, must be getting used to being craped on, hope you all got home safely, good luck in the draw.oh! and hope your next s**t is a hedgehog.:x

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