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  1. adriansfc

    20/21 Kit

    Are these kits not as slim fit as recent seasons? Or do our players have skinny arms?
  2. adriansfc

    20/21 Kit

    Fans are weird. We've had loads of away kits. It's one year. It looks decent.
  3. adriansfc

    20/21 Kit

    Please don't encourage the morons. I came on here to whine about kits.
  4. Think it's simplistic just saying his form has improved. I like him in many ways, but look at how we play. McCarthy isn't good enough with his feet, despite having improved. Gave away the arsenal goal, gave away a couple of great chances for Sheff Utd. I imagine we'll stick with him and hope he can improve with that. Forster would be a nightmare for that. We clearly bought Gunn for it. Given the outlay we should be thinking long term with Gunn. He had potential, he started well with us too. He desperately needs to play 30+ games next season and it won't be for us. So loan him out. We then either have Forster compete or sign someone else.
  5. If you don't support Saints I've no idea how you choose to live in Southampton over Berlin.
  6. Now supporting the aubmeyang golden boot as ings isn't getting a sniff today
  7. Edged it? We've created no chances, zero goal threat and they could easily have had 3
  8. Standard Saints home performance. I hope Ralph sees it. We've got zero game plan in games where we have loads of possession. Redmond is the only creative option, we're very easy to defend against. If this match or the brighton one had been away we'd win and play with energy. But this is abysmal. So exhausted of watching us at home. As for Vestergaard, destroyed for pace by Billy Sharp, and nutmegged from 25 yards. He's a liability. Got away with poor positioning and diving in every 5 seconds at Bournemouth due to their poor finishing. But he's consistently a terrible, terrible defender. He has no business playing at this level. Imagine it'll be our standard slight improvement after a dire first half at home, miss a few chances and lose 0-1 or 1-2. Games like this we are desperate for a Tadic type.
  9. adriansfc

    20/21 Kit

    Find it odd anyone likes one and not the other when they're so similar. Think both look good, far better than any of our stripey efforts. Stripes just look tacky most the time. I like Atletico's combined with the blue shorts, they usually make it look good. Maybe we could with navy but overall we tend to make it look rubbish like sunderland, stoke, Sheffield utd, brentford. Would be happy for us to just stay with sashes or the xerox style kits. So long as it's vaguely red and white.
  10. Good enough for what? We've had no options from the bench at all. Boufal will go, Djenepo is always injured. We could use someone who can run at defences in reserve. Beats signing a reserve. People going on about Eze, who'd be a great signing, but Championship players are so expensive now. I doubt we could afford him.
  11. Just highlights how daft it is when pundits judge league position without any context. You can't do anything about other team's performance, we got so lucky scraping 8th even losing final day, being awful at home for months. Dire football, expectations going backwards, players going backwards and looking fed up. And his constant changing the team fcking up a great chance of progressing in the europa league was where he lost me. Always find it odd when fans say a team isn't top half quality, or will come 12th/13th etc when you never know what the points differences will be. Often 8th-13th are essentially the same. separated by a few points, the odd goal and a bit of luck. This season the top half has been much better. But not so much better there's anything to fear next season. We should be aiming towards 60 points and seeing where that gets us. So long as players are improving and the manager's getting the most from his squad you can't ask much more. Ralph is doing that, clearly. No other manager has in ages now.
  12. Is there where we all get excited about Salisu as we did with Hoedt and Vestergaard as they were big signings? Haven't seen him. But I feel far more positive knowing it's Ralph wanting these players than Puel, Pellegrino, Hughes or some random scout. Hope Cavani to Leeds happens, that feels proper 90s. I'd love us to mix it up a bit with just one experienced big name but it won't happen will it. Even if the wages weren't impossible, we seem set on developing young players. And I agree with the strategy, I just don't think it needs to apply to the entire squad.
  13. Literally forgot he existed. Christ. What a waste. When we need CMs too. But he'd never fit our system at all. Probably still be a very good player for a good side with a lot of the ball.
  14. They've had a great season but they're still beatable, and hopefully they'll have eased up by then. Still the age old problem of our home form against solid teams sitting back. I think he'll start Gunn for this one. Don't think he'll want his last prem game to be the 9-0. Would do him a lot of good to go into the break with a game under his belt. Besides that, strongest team, Adams with Ings. Be good to see Tella or Ferry from the bench. No final start for Hojbjerg, Romeu is doing well.
  15. Ridiculous. Ings is our main striker. If he's gone we have someone else, either here or a signing. You've no idea how that striker does over 38 games. As good as Ings? Almost certainly not. Zero goals and relegation, almost certainly not.
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