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    Not sure why City is surprising. They need extra energy is midfield, he's great at pressing, getting the ball back. Pep will think he can improve him. Not all their players need to be stars, they need a team. Plus he's an experienced prem player at a reasonable price due to his contract. Fernandinho is approaching the end of his career, they only really have Rodri for that role and have to manage 60 odd games a season.
  2. Annoying to lose Djenpo but Boufal doesn't fit our system and Valery is absolutely terrible. Given Djenpo's injury record and Boufal clearly being on the way out, we really need extra attacking options for the bench. I don't think we'll be signing anyone better than Redmond/Armstrong will we. But someone who can come in and compete, offer a different option.
  3. Christ no. Wouldn't want anyone from that squad. They've all just run with this excuse of not being good enough, not battled, not run as far as the opposition, just gutless. The antithesis of a Burnley or Sheff Utd who don't spend their time making excuses for relegation on the first day of the season. Bunedia and Cantwell showed flashes of quality amongst many rubbish performances. They wouldn't replace Redmond or Armstrong right now so seems pointless. Aarons is massively hyped, not sure I see it really and for the relative prices I'd go with KWP or Maehle.
  4. We were so good in parts of this. A much, much better side than Everton despite all their spending. Without our ridiculous start and home form we'd be well above them. But highlights our problem too. That dominance but not enough goal threats. I really like Redmond and Armstrong, they're integral to how we play, but they're also not offering enough goat threat in games like this. We can't rely on it always being Ings. A wide player chipping in with 10 goals and we get a lot more points. But if Redmond could do that he'd probably be at a big club. He has everything else in his game.
  5. Would love to go and beat them. Every time they have a good run (as they damn well should with the squads they've had over the last few years) they get carried away and think they're world class. They're miles behind city and liverpool. They're scoring freely against poor sides in closed door games, which have been very different with lots of teams just not battling as much, as half giving up when a goal down. They'll get a shock when they come up against a few good sides. I hope it's us but the games are just coming too thick and fast for a squad like ours. Should we even prioritise it? We have 2 very winnable fixtures in under a week after this match. Can the players just push through for a few weeks? I'd play Ings every minute as he clearly wants to, he has a chance of top scorer and that doesn't come round often. Swap Romeu/Hojbjerg some games, Smallbone/Armstrong, Vesterguard in for some. Djenepo for Redmond? Long and Adams. Beyond that there's not really any changes that don't massively weaken us. If Valery plays we're relying on opposition not capitalising on a glaring weakness. Obafemi isn't near the level of Long or Adams yet IMO. Where's Boufal? Half forgotten he's here. Would like to see Tella get game time v Brighton or Sheff Utd if possible.
  6. Stephens is a tricky one. Because the great defenders aren't the ones always throwing themselves in front of shots, sliding into tackles etc. They're the ones who read the game well and cut out the danger before that. Stephens is a really honest player, someone playing as well as they can and fully committed. But I don't think he's got the potential to improve Bednarek has. Definitely worth keeping and I don't worry when he's playing, it's just an area we can improve. Fair play to him though, we spent a fortune on a replacement already and he's stayed ahead of him.
  7. No idea what form we'd need to be in for me to be confident of winning at Goodison. I hate the place. Everton was so awful against Spurs so expected them to pick up and win this one. I would take a 4-3 defeat with an Ings hat trick.
  8. A few always get so bothered when it's not stripes. Then they get to celebrate when we do the "return to stripes" marketing campaign. It always feels like our most loved kits are the non striped ones. Florida/Xerox, even the version under Pellegrino, Hummel, the sash kit. I would prefer we actually stuck with one of these and made that our tradition. It feels more unique to us. I like both the sash shirts they've revealed. Bet it'll look better in full kit on the players too. Feels like a saints kit to me. And after some of the dire home shirts we've been served up recently it's refreshing to get a good one.
  9. Also re: next season...while the premier will clearly go ahead behind closed doors, what of the other leagues? They can't all afford the amount of testing and prep needed for that. Yet they can't all keep running without playing. Yet they can't all keep running without match day revenue! So are we going to see a lot of clubs disappear???
  10. Think the restart for this season is garbage, just couldn't care less about it right now. Imagine it'll be no relegation and no title race anyway. Just slow silent training games. More interested in next season. It'll have to be behind closed doors too. No way there's a fully tested safe vaccine widely distributed until next Spring/Summer. So a full season of this ghost football. Wonder if it'll just put some people off, make them take it less seriously? Will it be slower football, lower pressure football? Or just the better team coasting to wins? That'd be my fear. So often the better side doesn't win, often away to smaller sides. Big atmospheres, pressure, that little extra effort. Of course it all works out well for Saints as we're a half decent side with an appalling home record and little atmosphere there anyway.
  11. Reckon it highlights a bigger problem. Players got so expensive that every club has their eye across all leagues. Mane scored crazy numbers in Austria didn't he? But we didn't have much competition to sign him. Now if players do well there, Belgium, Denmark etc they cost big money. Black box needs to ask MLG if it's allowed to expand it's scouting network or something.
  12. I mean...good luck but I can't imagine that going well!
  13. Maybe in Germany. Still depends on virus load, age, health. I had it early March, really rough for 5 or 6 weeks. And still really don't feel too good now months later. It's had a big impact on lungs and just ridiculous fatigue and muscle pain.
  14. I'd forgotten we lost at home to newcastle. what an unbelievable shower of ****.
  15. The Premier League is a huge brand. Broadcasters pay for that. Not other domestic cups. Just the league. Those rights deals extend across every region and country. There will be a full 2020/21 season. It might well end up having to start in 2021 if the pandemic drags on. But that's what we'll start with. That's before you get into the football pyramid and promotion/relegation being an integral part of the sport. They'll all be voided and all start over sometime September-January I'd imagine.
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