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  1. We can offer him the money too. He's rich either way. If he goes to West Ham it's because it's London and they'll likely offer European football.
  2. Very true. Henderson is overrated too. Don't get me wrong, he's good and would be a great signing but he's not done near enough for the price he'd command. That is based on being english and at man utd. Ramsdale is probably better but went for £30m after a less successful sheff utd spell. I really hope we don't obsess over going for a young keeper. How many of them really make it? And what's the point? Keepers 25-30 still have a huge amount of their career left. Ideally we can sign someone of a decent level and keep Forster as competition. He's not getting near his current salary anywher
  3. Pretty sure 35 points would be safety, but we'll get 40-45 easily enough. The bottom 4 are complete trash this season. I'm just hoping Burnley can do their usual thing and overtake Newcastle. Saints are in a strong position to build for the future without too much concern over relegation threat. With another win or two it'll look very comfortable. Think the aim should be to be top of the bottom half! Plenty of winnable games left, think we still have to play newcastle, norwich, watford, palace, everton at home. You'd hope for 3 wins there at least.
  4. Yep. Tino is great for his age and could become top level, but KWP is a better right back right now. You can promote giving youngsters a chance sure but I'm not sure dropping your most consistent performers is a good message. Especially when we've rewarded plenty who are consistently poor.
  5. Yep. I find it fascinating seeing clubs with big money fail miserable. Partly as it's funny in many cases, but also just how bad the strategy or lack thereof can be in these massive organisations. And it is very relevant to Saints. We'll never be the biggest or richest, but the constant incompetence of many clubs means we always stand a chance. It means we can be top flight for years, top half fairly regularly and still give top sides a good game most times. It seems like big money at some clubs just encourages stupid decisions.
  6. It's funny they deemed Fred a big name, but I guess CL experience, Brazil international and £50m. But he's a high energy box to box player who (while not bad) is inferior to JWP in nearly every aspect of his game. McTominay isn't bad either but there's no way I'd swap him for Romeu. Both strong defensive mids, neither good enough for their ambitions. Matic hasn't been good enough in a couple of years now, wouldn't swap him now for any of our main 3 CMs. After that they're just shoehorning no10s into central midfield and it doesn't work. Early season Pogba was brilliant playing no10
  7. Utd are a mess but JWP would mark a move to what they should be doing rather than what they have been doing. Not big name player to their fans but results would suddenly get a lot better. Their central midfield has been terrible for a long time. If they went and got JWP and Rice or McGinn though, they'd suddenly have a well balanced team. Its weird seeing other teams comments on JWP. They so clearly haven't watched him much. Most I see make out he's a no10 who doesn't score enough. Whereas he's basically James Milner with Beckham's set pieces. He'd be an asset for any club out ther
  8. Yep. I remember seeing a lot of Beckham free kicks then, as Utd were always on Sky. They'd get free kicks every game, as you'd expect with their attacking talent. How many in shooting range do Saints get? What strikes me most about JWP is there aren't many poor efforts in there. His % on target or scored must be higher than most out there, bar Messi I expect. Look at Ronaldo, he's fairly high up the list but I've seen him hit dozens and dozens of rubbish free kicks. Yesterday was JWP's best for me. Unexpected, ridiculous movement and as far as I know, the first time he's tried that
  9. Over January and the summer ideally - Broja, a no10, a starting CB and keeper. 4 signings to really improve us. Probably get rid of Long, Walcott, Djenepo, one of the CBs, Valery and McCarthy and/or Forster. No rush for January though. Newcastle, Watford and Burnley are so bad I think we're just a few wins from safety anyway. Can see one of them staying up on about 32/33 points.
  10. Just have to accept it goes against you sometimes. Two pretty decent sides albeit with flaws. A 2-2 sort of game that just went the other way. But least we were pushing for the equaliser and nearly got it. Not the end of the world to concede another late when you're trying to rescue a game. This is just where we are defensively. Can't expect clean sheets regularly against half decent sides. Salisu is still learning and improving, Bednarek just isn't very good, Lyanco is quite fun but come on, he's not great. Hopefully Man City are now so far clear they'll get complacent for the odd
  11. What's wrong with that? 15m seems one, but 20-25m and I'd sell him simply because I don't think we're weaker with Stephens or Lyanco in there. That money on a decent defender in the summer would be the priority. If we can't get a Bednarek upgrade for 20-25m then we have much bigger issues in the scouting department. Saying who will we get to random people on an internet forum with no scouting experience is a little pointless. Even those who can throw out plenty of names don't know exact costs, wages and desire to join.
  12. And I don't see many of their fans happy about that business now. Bizarre signing. I don't think Saints fans were harsh on him at all. We all saw a lot of him and it was very obvious he was too slow, worrying long balls drifted over his head, but he was a lovely passer of the ball. On his day he could look great if we had plenty of possession but you'd never build a good defence with him in it. Total failure of scouting by Leicester, but I think Fofana got injured after it happened so I imagine they'd have gone for someone faster and able to play a back 4. Bednarek is a better all round d
  13. If Newcastle or someone want to make a silly bid then I'd take it right now and invest in the summer. Stephens and Lyanco can do a job. Bednarek is ok, has some good games plenty of bad but he doesn't seem like someone who'll improve. He's just mediocre at most things. Great if he's back up, but if we're ambitious we need a far better partner for Salisu.
  14. Is there anything in such a case to stop a club buying them on deadline day? Thus stopping Burnley reinvesting. That would be peak Newcastle shithousery. Wood hasn't been great for them this season anyway but they'll struggle to attract much in their situation. Maybe just change the way they play a little. McNeil, Cornet and Vydra wouldn't be short of pace.
  15. A player doing well enough that we can't keep hold of them isn't a bad thing. It's literally the pinnacle of how we operate. It depends what Chelsea want. From his point of view, he'd start most games here this season and next. At Chelsea he might start a couple, get sub appearances. It won't help his development. Lukaku and Werner are still a long way ahead even if not in form, Havertz plays there a lot and it's Chelsea, so they'll sign someone else. If we can get him for 20m ish then we should. Another year or two and there's every chance he'll be worth 3 times that.
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