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  1. Also re: next season...while the premier will clearly go ahead behind closed doors, what of the other leagues? They can't all afford the amount of testing and prep needed for that. Yet they can't all keep running without playing. Yet they can't all keep running without match day revenue! So are we going to see a lot of clubs disappear???
  2. Think the restart for this season is garbage, just couldn't care less about it right now. Imagine it'll be no relegation and no title race anyway. Just slow silent training games. More interested in next season. It'll have to be behind closed doors too. No way there's a fully tested safe vaccine widely distributed until next Spring/Summer. So a full season of this ghost football. Wonder if it'll just put some people off, make them take it less seriously? Will it be slower football, lower pressure football? Or just the better team coasting to wins? That'd be my fear. So often the better side doesn't win, often away to smaller sides. Big atmospheres, pressure, that little extra effort. Of course it all works out well for Saints as we're a half decent side with an appalling home record and little atmosphere there anyway.
  3. Reckon it highlights a bigger problem. Players got so expensive that every club has their eye across all leagues. Mane scored crazy numbers in Austria didn't he? But we didn't have much competition to sign him. Now if players do well there, Belgium, Denmark etc they cost big money. Black box needs to ask MLG if it's allowed to expand it's scouting network or something.
  4. I mean...good luck but I can't imagine that going well!
  5. Maybe in Germany. Still depends on virus load, age, health. I had it early March, really rough for 5 or 6 weeks. And still really don't feel too good now months later. It's had a big impact on lungs and just ridiculous fatigue and muscle pain.
  6. I'd forgotten we lost at home to newcastle. what an unbelievable shower of ****.
  7. The Premier League is a huge brand. Broadcasters pay for that. Not other domestic cups. Just the league. Those rights deals extend across every region and country. There will be a full 2020/21 season. It might well end up having to start in 2021 if the pandemic drags on. But that's what we'll start with. That's before you get into the football pyramid and promotion/relegation being an integral part of the sport. They'll all be voided and all start over sometime September-January I'd imagine.
  8. Think it's pressure from broadcasters. The impact of lost sporting content is HUGE. I've been in TV analysis work for years and pay-TV has been struggling anyway, but sport and football in particularly stops subscriptions falling away. There's some panic about what it'll cost them even if they can reclaim some of the money paid out in lost rights. I imagine in the future a lot more if not all of it will end up on Amazon anyway. Sky is a little screwed, especially as they'll lose most Disney content now too. FAs and UEFA are trying to show they're giving it time and thinking of everything. I think the CL will be saved with neutral grounds and that's fair enough. Can easily play that out in November/December and have a 2020 winner. But other european leagues will announce voided seasons in the next couple of months and huge pressure will come on the premier league.
  9. Remember when we lost 9-0 at home? NOPE. Didn't. Fcking. Happen.
  10. Sky/BT/Amazon and broadcasters around the world losing out on multi billion pound rights deals. Not a chance this will happen. Sacrifice a 38 game season (and a highly anticipated one at that after a long break) to save a 9 match week season that's already totally compromised. That will be the choice ultimately. And it won't be next season that's sacrificed.
  11. What if we have to resort to a Hoedt/Vestergaard CB combo? That'd be entertaining
  12. Not at all, it just won't be finished. All this talk among fans about what's best, it's irrelevant. It's broadcasters, rights deals and advertising revenue that'll decide this. Time will go by and it'll be clear just how much next season is being jeopardised. This season is already compromised. Many will lose a lot of money because of it. But that's based on 9 rounds of games. They won't risk a whole season. They can leave it there, take a proper break and come back when it's safe with full crowds and massive anticipation for a football starved nation. Viewing figures and ad revenues sky high. Or persist with 9 rounds of games. Behind closed doors? Ruin the integrity of the competition. Wait for crowds? Then it'll be September at an optimistic push, players need time to get match fit, many people have their minds on other things than football, many can barely remember what was going on last season. And you end up with 2020/21 starting in 2021. You end up with football coming back for a short time followed by another big break. That's the last thing broadcasters or fans want. People are underestimating how long this goes on. Vaccines aren't quick. Hopefully it dies down and sport is resumed by the end of the year but if it's still a major issue you can't have huge medical resources and policing dedicated to entertainment while hospitals are over capacity and people are dying. It just won't happen. I think people are desperate to see some football. Liverpool fans obviously desperate to make it all about them. And yes it's hugely unfortunate for some clubs but voiding is the most fair solution and most sensible by miles.
  13. Things have changed, think it could be worse than that and we could well lose Ings, Redmond or JWP if a decent bid comes in. All english of a good age performing well. Worried we'll be desperate for money so keeping our best players seems like a positive.
  14. As soon as the season is voided, which will be May/June time, the transfer window will be open and run as normal I'd imagine, even if next season can't start until October/November time. I think we'll see some international weeks ditched and maybe the league cup dropped for next season to account for the late season start. Given how things have gone I'd settle for keeping our squad together and just adding a defender.
  15. adriansfc

    Free kicks

    Fair point. Le Tissier had to shoot from some free kicks miles out as he knew no one else was going to do anything. I remember one awful game at the Dell where we were never going to score. We got a free kick 30 yards out and he didn't want to take it, so Venison stood there not knowing what to do. Le Tissier walked back shouting at him and just tapped it sideways for him to shoot. It flew miles over but I think he was just annoyed no one in the team would take any responsibility.
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