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  1. If people did it was based on next to nothing. This is a big signing of a first team player who has decent experience already, watched by a lot of clubs and plenty of journalists rating him highly.
  2. I think the best thing to happen is for them to go up, then get relegated from League 1. Otherwise there will always be a delusion that it's all going to turn round, one promotion will follow the next. I mean Saints and Bournemouth managed it. But it seems very unlikely with the state of their facilities, their small budget. They've struggled to get out of League 2 and when they do, they won't be a big draw for players. Bigger clubs are in League 1, most have better stadia, far nicer facilities and more money. Going back down to League 2 would be a really bleak moment for them as they rea
  3. Who is that Roberts guy? He looks like a builder in his 40s
  4. Anyone entering a best fans argument shouldn't be allowed to attend football anyway. Jesus. Who gives a ****. As if you can influence what all the other fans of your club do anyway. They have to pay to go and watch dire league 2 football with no hope or future. That sounds fcking horrible. However many fans saints take away in europe, they're getting to enjoy something. Can't compare really.
  5. Fan ownership seems great. There's no reason they can't sustainably challenge for mid-table in league 2 with the occasional playoff season. A high point in the next decade or so might be becoming the new Crewe and being a L1/L2 yo-yo club. Exciting future ahead. I really wish our U23s were playing them now.
  6. Any reason coventry are 6/4 tonight rather than hugely odds on to beat them?
  7. Pah, facts. This is the post-fact age I'm afraid.
  8. I haven't kept up but anyone paying more attention, are they looking better or worse than last season? Because they never looked like challenging last year despite spending more than anyone, and then lost a few players. Hopes of another hilarious season? Really hoping they come to St Mary's in the league cup.
  9. Maybe it's from their last Championship season when they actually achieved it.
  10. I'm actually amazed they messed up league 2 after what they spent. Nothing to suggest they won't do exactly the same next season. I'm sure at some point in the next decade they'll get their shot at L1, and enjoy the season like Burnley in the premier league. It's really time we got them in one of the cups now. I'd like it to happen while Fonte is here and playing so there's still someone who knows what it means and will make sure the players know.
  11. I'm confused - Plymouth beat them, might be in a higher league, have a bigger stadium and better infrastructure, seemingly a better set of players...but pompey are the biggest club?
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT a day of football. That should be them just about finished.
  13. They're celebrating a match they lost, which didn't have much impact on their rivals going down, which ultimately helped them rebuild and come back stronger to be regularly competing for Europe. Even if they'd sent us down like Sunderland did Newcastle, even if they were remembering a win, who here could face going on about it when 3 leagues below your rivals?! Fcking embarrassing.
  14. Looking forward to tonight's match. No pressure Pompey, win or bust!
  15. Today's the day they'll get really worried about their playoff place. Could be another Pompey lose at home while Saints win away.
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