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  1. Install Ad Block Plus and Ghostery. No problems here
  2. It's no offer really. Attendance will be low and lots wont bother going, if this offer tempts a few people they are just spending money they otherwise wouldn't have.
  3. mehball


    It's 5 quid a month?
  4. The government pay for a child's funeral so yes I would skeptical as to where your cash is going.
  5. I didn't renew purely because more and more games are no longer Saturday 3pm's. Bring back League 1 where you can guarantee a Sat 3pm most the season.
  6. I'm guessing sales are not that great considering the recent 'Please renew' letter I got through the post.
  7. 'Reports are emerging' Where are those emerging reports then? People believe anything these days.
  8. They could play in pink for all I care. I'm not under 10 years old so a colour of a kit has no bearing on my life whatsoever.
  9. I wouldn't want a free shirt. Would rather the cash off. Shirts are for kids.
  10. Doesn't appear to be any discount for renewals.
  11. New for 18/19: 10% retail discount in store and online 20% discount on food and drink in the stadium up to 30 minutes before kick off 30% off room hire at St Mary's FREE ticket to a selected home pre-season friendly £2 discount on coach travel to away games
  12. Why? Everyone who wants a ticket will get one.
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