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  1. 1 hour ago, hypochondriac said:

    Probably worth pointing out that a few people I know have alluded to a takeover progressing but I haven't actually heard anything directly from anyone at the club about it. 

    Have the non-club people you know given any hint as to who might be taking us over?

  2. Is it just me who'd really enjoy this?


    Bring on other fans hating us. We'd be a bigger club for it.


    Football is already all dodgy ownership, sponsorship, gambling anyway. I'd welcome fans criticising ownership by a drinks brand and media company while defending their oil barrons and arms dealers.


    I imagine plenty would, myself included. There doesn't seem to be much in it other than wishful thinking though. Reminds me of years ago when rumours of Richard Branson would crop up with about the same amount of substance behind them.


    Red Bull could probably have purchased us at any point during our recent history and I'd be surprised if they weren't approached by Kat prior to selling to Gao. Can't think why they would have changed their minds.

  3. I'm not sure what to make of you. You post some truths, some stuff that sounds plausible, and re Adams info which is wrong.


    Do you have a source or are you briefed?


    He also strongly hinted that Red Bull takeover talks were happening :lol:


    Anyone remember that Jack Schitt character?

  4. Do we not have any admin/moderators to get the arguments off to somewhere else so people can see what transfer rumours, if any, there are.


    We won't be spending any money so there aren't any rumours. If you just want to just read rumours, go to southamptonrumours.co.uk or try twitter. This is a message board- the entire purpose of it is for people to discuss things, even if those things aren't exactly what you want to read. This isn't your personal news portal.


    but unless he spends loads of money like Poopey he is the worst owner in the league


    Opinions might get heated on here but I haven't seen anybody make an argument as dumb as that. Do you want dispassionate transfer news or would you also like to join in with the Gao debate?


    no one knows what Goa is going to do.


    True, but if not knowing what somebody was going to do meant that we couldn't speculate, there wouldn't be much to talk about!

  5. OK he's a little rumour from a source I have. Likely to be wrong but we all like a good rumour. So our interests apparently are in a cb we wanted in the summer but we wouldn't part with the cash, a striker banging them in in France (maybe for Lillie? Source couldn't remember.) and a rb. Apparently villa also after the striker, also told the Chinese bloke wants to sell and red bull have been sniffing around along with an American consortium.


    Too right we do, thanks!


    Would much prefer Red Bull to an American consortium- they've at least proved they know how to run run a club.

  6. That response is far too reasoned and mature for this place. Here you're supposed to doggedly stick to your argument no matter what ;)


    Would love the Gao problem to be resolved in the short-term but can't see how it can be. Who would pay what he's asking? If the independent story is correct, he's been trying for 6 months to sell to no avail.

  7. I bet you are the life and soul of every party you go to.....


    Are you naturally this negative, or do you practice it? If you are really this upset with what is, or isn't happening at the club, go support Pompey. Then you really will be able to feel right at home moaning in the midst of a truly crap run club.


    Strange comment. What about the club are you happy with, currently?

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