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  1. whelk


    Anyone watch the Russians v NZ women’s rugby sevens? One of the Kiwis yanked down one of the Russian’s shorts to revel her bum. Is it sad that I rewound it?
  2. Thought you’d be campaigning to have it replace God Save the Queen
  3. Only British White Lives matter. And please don’t call the cunt Nige
  4. People doing press conferences with masks on actually mix masking in sport
  5. Yeah amazing how people think they are anonymous in society and affronted at thought of supplying an NI number
  6. Imagine if the vaccine did impact fertility and anti vaxxxers left to run the planet. They’ll all die of starvation as no brains to develop science. Be like Mad Max
  7. Watched Documentary on Scientology recent. Mental how daft people can become. You’d think you’d be smart if you could donate $25m and might sense it was a scam. fuck knows what Cruise was playing at - weird fucker
  8. Seems like you have it sorted. Sanitiser isn’t really effective though.
  9. Every time I see this thread reappear I can guess who may have bumped it. God loves you Matthew
  10. Not really mate. I have avoided Covid, never miss a days work, missus is same. Generally strong stock. Vaccine was not even noticed. So basically I don’t naturally worry about my health or catching it. Although bright enough to not be scared of being vaccinated and understand the importance of it to those not blessed with my family’s good health. Maybe spray a bit of Glade when they come round woudl be my advice.
  11. All doctors are rich does not mean all rich people are doctors
  12. Who said anything about falling out. I don’t know anyone who is batshit to worry about the vaccine as some sort of sinister project.. My kids and all their friends too. And this will offend but it is directly linked to education
  13. ‘Literally’ I know you get offended but you are incredibly thick
  14. I don’t need to as none of my friends are conspiracy theory dipshits. I don’t know one person who has refused the vaccine. Only on here that I see these people do actually exist. And tbf they ain’t going to be my friends and not inviting them into my home.
  15. I can’t even work out what you are quoting me on. TBH likes of you don’t bother me at all. Fact that you won’t be able to travel abroad and maybe go to football is no big deal. The benefits of the passports is they wind up the angry little types desperate for their ‘freedoms’. You can spend some of your increased spare time crayoning on to some A3 cardboard. “Bill Gates won’t take my boddy”
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