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  1. whelk


    Bradford maybe next. Weird that only Guardian seems to have talked about PHE making the link to Asian communities. Heaven forbid that it ever gets mentioned on tv news.
  2. whelk

    Hong Kong

    Where are they all going to live? Despise the Chinese government
  3. whelk

    The BBC

    Bet you are shit in the general knowledge pub quiz round
  4. whelk


    Leicester info is interesting in so much as are they going to skirt around that infections seems prevalent in garment factories and food processing. And widespread amongst 20 to 40 males of Asian background. Will authorities be following up if social distancing or not and calling it out that why were garment factories staying open? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jun/30/some-leicester-factories-stayed-open-and-forced-staff-to-come-in
  5. If Guy Mowbray said ‘decent effort for a black man’ would that go in the praise box?
  6. whelk

    The BBC

    Started that and not sure why stopped wasn’t cos it was crp I know. as I have now caned Netflix will give it a go again. BTW that smug BBC arts correspondent who looks bit like an alien is an absolute prick. His report on museums and lack of black curators today was horrendous. And he slates things that are good so should be sacked immediately. Baldie bastard.
  7. can we have a sticky that lists the forum experts? I keep hearing of this gang and would be useful to refer to who they are. i think I qualify as I have never got anything wrong
  8. whelk


  9. whelk

    BLM & Football

    Which was the point of my post but thick people tend not to understand things and Saintsweb is awash with the fckers
  10. whelk

    BLM & Football

    Here’s an idea. Don’t read it you plum
  11. we look like we are playing with 10 men
  12. If we win this that will be more away wins than when we came 2nd in 1984 and that was a 42 game season
  13. Chris Iwelumo is so biased. Banging on before the game
  14. I do remember a thread with many moaning about him. That doesn’t sound like Saintsweb though does it?
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