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  1. No one done a rugby league joke yet?
  2. You are no doubt oblivious to ethnic make up of long distance runners and could not spot a trend?
  3. I don’t see gender I just see a person. I want to call out all the hateful prejudicial shrieks when I choose to use the ladies for a piss. Crush these phobias and make sure we find some more quickly.
  4. Villa, WHU, Watford and Bournemouth all winning would have been a decent accumulator. bet they are all a bit gutted as no one gained ground on anyone
  5. You know Bournemouth play Man City away next game?
  6. Who the fuck saw that coming at HT?
  7. At least Villa have prolonged some interest in something in the PL. Of course we are all gripped by who comes 4th
  8. Is there any more money for clubs for the additional games on telly? Presumably BBC must have paid something?
  9. There was a documentary on Netflix about Stone. Shameless, obnoxious swinger.
  10. Recruiting is tricky and generally everyone wants the best candidate I have to employ a lot of people and there is unconscious bias in any interview situation. I also see it in some of my managers - if the don’t have a university education they will often favour candidates with similar background and be more dismissive of qualifications - they genuinely don’t see it as so important not that they are actively prejudiced. I would love to have more female representation in my teams and would almost certainly favour a female over male candidate if they were close. Regarding BAME - The western interview sales pitch approach to interviews will favour some cultures over others not so groomed in ways of expressively telling anecdotes and endearing themselves socially with the panel. Diversity on disablity is also an issue - absolutely need to be inclusive however HR would deny any acknowledgement that someone that needs ‘reasonable adjustments’ maybe more of an overhead and less productive as that would be so non-pc. So if a manager has a small team judge on performance he would less likely go for someone with dyslexia or autism. It isn’t because they have no tolerance of disabilities (surprised that word hasn’t been purged by now). I also see many shocking cvs and when you see these articles ‘I have applied for over a thousand roles etc’ and the person thinking it is prejudice on name or whatever it will morEh than likely be a v shit cv/cover letter that’s never going to be successful however many applications they submit. They need to play the survival game better not assume the world is against them.
  11. The problem with the polarised camps. Weak fearful leadership stokes anger from the other side.
  12. Bill Maher been saying it for ages. trump even responded joking about it,
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