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  1. Fulham going to get fewer points than Derby
  2. whelk


    Are they all on different people? And how do they know they are lifelong?
  3. Have the bookies woken up to the number of pens being awarded yet? Record is something like 112 and on track at this rate for something like 300+
  4. Don’t know Tulsi Gabbard but as said Biden appeals to rust belt and other blue collar voters who have moved to Trump. About ousting him rather than having some you dynamic progressive. Should have gone for Michelle Obama
  5. Jose will be gracious no doubt. Fcking joke and messed up my bet too.
  6. Commentators constantly apologising ‘if you heard some bad language just then’
  7. Sooner Rishi Sunak oust him the better. Get on the after dinner speaking circuit and start providing for his kids
  8. Nearly cost us with that powderpuff attempt at blocking their shot in 2nd half. Rom would have thrown his nads in front of the ball
  9. Whoever the Democrat candidate was Hypo would find a way of championing Trump over them without ever saying as much. Clear where all these guys’ sympathies lie.
  10. Another plus is no fcker had to freeze their nuts off and no worry about getting home
  11. That’s exactly how consecutive seasons work.
  12. Can’t believe no one has said ‘paper over the cracks’ yet?
  13. I said exactly that phrase about Armstrong in second half. Rate him generally but now again just looks so poor. Lacks bottle too. Cab still do a lot better than Adams IMO
  14. They have 7 players out. Piece of piss for us
  15. whelk

    Site issues

    All seems good now but maybe a number of posters have given up
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