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  1. I genuinely think you are ill. I pray you recover soon
  2. whelk

    Danny Ings

    No one can take that away from you Steve.
  3. whelk


    Downward trend in Soton area
  4. whelk


    I have no idea who the usual suspects are or what they stand for. I put people into two camps - pant pissers and the rational. Ok maybe a third of defiant twats who refuse to wear masks.
  5. whelk


    Ffs https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-millions-of-over-50s-could-be-told-to-stay-at-home-to-avoid-second-nationwide-lockdown-12040780
  6. Temporary to what? Presume the afterlife.
  7. whelk


    Not sure I have lost my way. I am intrigued how and where people are passing it on. The messaging from government is a joke. Lost all credibility with me. Understand reacting to changing events isn’t easy but no one really understands the guidance now. PHE execs hearing it for first time on news illustrates the mess You said yourself you are mixing without distancing at your boot camp so you acknowledge you are being complacent
  8. They were questions. Why when I asked you a further question about time did you assume that it had to have been posed previously?
  9. Why did you avoid the time question. Do you agree it exists?
  10. whelk


    I think we should stop football until we get the schools back. And FFS why are we encouraging people to dine out at half price with no masks and then saying masks needed everywhere and we all getting complacent. Yeah all fucking crystal clear in the messaging. Do the ‘ experts’ who thought bringing back sport was insane sort of understand they were 100% wrong and we haven’t been piling up the bodies?
  11. Only you are obsessed with evidence and keep bumping a thread. Most recognise that there are differing views and have been since the dawn of time and not going to be much enlightenment from a few Saints fans, . Ohhh I may need evidence of when time started. Do we all believe in time? Can you be outside of time? Is a watch proof?
  12. They may struggle but odd how everyone seems to think every relegated team will do a Sunderland. Reality is most don’t and many like Burnley, Norwich, WBA , Fulham, Cardiff can bounce back or be thereabouts in playoffs.
  13. About as philosophical as Peter Ustinov
  14. whelk


    Awaiting a 3 metre ruling as the ‘science improves’
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