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  1. You useless cunts have spoilt my weekend. Ralph is hapless.
  2. Harry Kane is going to get them in a huddle and yell ‘let’s fucking win this’ Mourinho will be saying if you win we will be 3 points behind Everton and level with Chelsea.
  3. Spurs 5/4 to beat us Sunday. Licence to print money although Spurs also v shit
  4. Fcking hell Redmond. A PEH pass to no one under no pressure out for a throw in
  5. Badly as we didn’t get a further wicket during first half and Maxwell going to win series for the Aussies
  6. Ralph should be kicking boots into everyone of their faces at half time. Criminal performance
  7. Relegation certainties this year....again
  8. For fucks sake. Embarrassing stuff
  9. Don’t know Stephens has got cocky and complacent over summer.
  10. I have missed Saintsweb having a mental old fucker.
  11. He had a breakdown but made headlines and enough nutters in the world that will believe him. Power of celebrity. Also snooker fans are weirdos
  12. Hilarious that they are all moaning about Højbjerg so soon. Neville saying having a stinker. Lose to us next week and first big 6 team to be in ‘crisis’
  13. The Social Dilemma is worth a watch on Netflix. Kind of explains morons taking to mad conspiracy theories.
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