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  1. Bill Maher been saying it for ages. trump even responded joking about it,
  2. Shameless cunt. How Americans tolerate this is beyond belief.
  3. What is the renewal deadline? Assume not anytime soon? I need to sort but might as well wait until I know we are safe
  4. Getting used to all this football. Saints have definitely looked one if the best teams since restart. Btw are they covering up all these deaths since football has been brought back?
  5. I also played golf at the muni the other day. Must have seen 2 fucking bikes in total as the traffic crawled.
  6. Hope these cunts at the council are going to realise the city’s pollution levels are going to be worse. They’ll use that as an excuse to introduce a congestion charge meanwhile bankrupting the City. Twats
  7. The thick are always easily confused
  8. Not the same without panning to the crowd showing a toothless crone in tears. Satisfying nonetheless
  9. That Raggett has true Pompey teeth.
  10. whelk


    Have you heard of care homes?
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