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  1. The thick are always easily confused
  2. Not the same without panning to the crowd showing a toothless crone in tears. Satisfying nonetheless
  3. That Raggett has true Pompey teeth.
  4. whelk


    Have you heard of care homes?
  5. whelk


    Lefties and blacks on marches wot dunnit
  6. Bless them. Few Saintwebbers hiding their face?
  7. Just back from afternoon session. Great to see mates and TBH nothing that wouldn’t t be same as last year apart from one way system for the pisser. plenty of handshakes and hugs too and think most if us will carry on as normal. 7pints later can I stay awake for MOTD?
  8. whelk

    BLM & Football

    Clinton Morrison and Glenn Johnson give fck all insight. Johnson looks like he has been forced to be there
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