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  1. Just before the final. Odd and fair play if it was him with principled move but suspect Levy fed up with dire performance and alienating Bale and Alli
  2. Lined up as Mourinho replacement surely?
  3. whelk

    European League

    I hold out no hope that any bold move will be taken. Even the FIFA statement is mild in some respects as referred to ‘closed competition’. I am glad my kids have some fight in them for a fairer world as this epitomises the greed controlling everything. Morgan Stanley bailed by the public in 2008 funding to support billionaires getting richer whilst majority seem to be content (for now) to be distracted and manipulated by other billionaires’ algorithms. Wealth needs to be fairly distributed to give everyone a stake in society and when you feel you have nothing to lose then comes the vol
  4. whelk

    European League

    Also I literally have not heard one voice saying this is a good thing. A few smug contrarians moronically equating it to the PL formation but not one fan or journo. Rare something that brings such unity and me even supporting FIFA.
  5. whelk

    European League

    I expect most of us enjoyed the season in Championship more than any recent PL season. It’s all relative and quality of player may drop off but that isn’t why I go to games. So much of PL is hype when watching most of the Big 6 and around crisis etc rather than saying Arsenal and Spurs are drab shite sides and don’t come close to Leeds or Leicester in entertaining. The money in game makes little difference to me. I do feel sorry for genuine fans of the clubs involved as angry as this shit makes me feel at least not being done to my club.
  6. whelk

    European League

    Superb PR for Bayern and PSG
  7. whelk

    European League

    I really really do want it to happen just so it shows how dreadful it will be - too much objection though. Plus we can have a crack at Europe
  8. I wish Ralph could just say “I’m a clueless cunt and so are all the players” back to Jake Humphrey who apologises if you heard any unsavoury language just then.
  9. Odds when final whistle goes we are passing ball backwards?
  10. At least we have the handsome Nick Berry to look forward to in Heartbeat afterwards
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