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  1. whelk


    Who on earth thinks you can get away with a wedding this big? https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-police-break-up-400-strong-wedding-at-north-london-school-12195311
  2. whelk


    We have been pretty good adhering to stay at home rules during lockdown. However went for a local walk today but drove about a mile to get there. Fck me the traffic on the roads was crazy. No fucker is staying in it would seem
  3. Wolves are shite. Wembley here we come, Not used to this strong defending. Stephens done very well replacing Vest. That is not to say he doesn’t scare me
  4. excellent line up. Nice one Ralph. Imagine what Poch would have done. too hopeful to think we wil” all be jabbed up and at Wembley though. although wouldn’t underestimate that Arsenal side. Martinelli is a decent player.
  5. whelk


    You did well to get away with just £30k. That will normally only get you a report mentioning ‘digital’ and ‘transformation’ many times with lots of ‘outputs’
  6. Hypo may be having difficulty reconciling his Qanon beliefs. As much as I have always hated Trump it made me have far higher interest in US politics. Sure to ebb away as nothing in Biden that gets one excitable. Although he is undoubtedly looking for a war he can get involved in. And there is always hope that the orange cunt gets his comeuppance.
  7. Hypo is neutral and never has an agenda. Very good at spotting partisans though.
  8. Shurlock hasn’t been about for a while. Strange and he must miss Wes
  9. Doubt you will go for ‘GM is a fucked up old cunt’?
  10. Those who complain about the NHS think yourselves lucky you don’t live in a country where this can happen. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/shane-patrick-boyle-died-after-starting-a-gofundme-campaign-for-insulin/ Dont know how Covid vaccines are being handled there. Presumably they don’t just want to give them away to the poor and uninsured?
  11. I expect they heard there was a paediatrician on board.
  12. whelk


    Deloitte have a ‘land and expand’ approach whenever called upon by the Public Sector. Their expertise is in how to rip off clients with little commercial acumen. I know people who work there and they will give graduates wet behind the ears ‘consultancy’ roles and they mainly just rely on template reports - expertise my arse and trade on the name. My niece landed a graduate role with them but jacked it after a few months - i was pleased as whilst no doubt would have had lucrative career, life is too short to be swallowed up by that corporate machine at 21.
  13. Rambling old cunt - I had to leave him to it. skyrocket downwards
  14. whelk


    What does your home schooling involve? Mine are old enough to look after themselves so don’t know how hands on it is and the impact.
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