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  1. Are they making him white? That would be a bold move
  2. All optimism has gone which is strange given so good last season with no crowds and were much better than Spurs first half and even in Palace game could easily have won. Armstong back is key and Djenpo in form is capable of terrorising them. Mental strength of our players is always questionable and Stephens declined so much and needs to be dropped as a wake up call.where the fuck is Salisu- did he have Covid? Need to have Boufal as impact sub option. So depressing looking at the bench and seeding Tella and Smallbone as options. Burnley are capable of being shite though so still think we might nick it and we may just click.
  3. All about having two mirrors and getting the angles right
  4. whelk


    Surely they are encouraging people to die more than get married by allowing more to attend funerals than weddings?
  5. When I want to remember things I find it best to get it tattooed on my arse
  6. whelk


    Army will sort it. Clown
  7. whelk


    May have seen already but next Monday Arsenal v Liverpool 815 Ko. kick out at 10pm means anyone watching will miss last 10 mins
  8. whelk

    Site issues

    The fucking Lounge is actually working
  9. Glad I kept on with Ozark Fauda seems reasonable as well Social Dilemma shows what a bastard world it is
  10. The stories of the victims of Manchester bombing are so sad. Poor poor people. doesn’t sound like emergency services covered themselves in glory either
  11. whelk

    The BBC

    Agree about Steve Wright and Vanessa Feltz they were at pains to not have an all male list and Zoe Ball benefits. Surprised you haven’t moved to LBC
  12. whelk


    Johnson fending off the question about privatised track and trace and comparison to Italy and Germany. that’s why I have zero sympathy for this cunt. We are ‘freedom loving’ rararara.
  13. Good on QPR. Pretty much agree with everything they said
  14. You useless cunts have spoilt my weekend. Ralph is hapless.
  15. Harry Kane is going to get them in a huddle and yell ‘let’s fucking win this’ Mourinho will be saying if you win we will be 3 points behind Everton and level with Chelsea.
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