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  1. 30 mins to go. This could get even funnier
  2. Pogba should be off for that
  3. Liverpool fans don’t want to be getting Ole the sack anytime soon
  4. They need to arrest the bloke in bottom left for doing two Nazi salutes at the same time.
  5. Burnley never get relegated. how do you square a point at Man City through your lens of comparing opposition’s previous games?
  6. Saints fan so annoy me. So many moaners about Walcott. Yeah we know but get behind the players you twats. Contrast with away fans singing Long’s name as he warms up. And yes we know his massive limitations but it is called support.
  7. Can’t be arsed to back through the thread but must have been fun when Redmond missed that sitter
  8. Yep. My nan could’ve put that in. Worst miss I have seen for many a moon
  9. whelk

    Nigel Adkins

    Pretty sure home video recorders weren’t around in 1976
  10. whelk

    Nigel Adkins

    Not forgetting celebrating diversity
  11. If HT whistle had actually gone wouldn’t the pen be last kick of half and not play on for rebound?
  12. 2-0 Saints. Will always hate Burnley
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