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  1. 2 hours ago, Pilchards said:

    When was the last time we tried to rush two deals through on transfer deadline day?

    I remember Mane and Toby but the deal took a couple of weeks as we had snippets beforehand.

    I personally think we will only get one loan deal in before Monday as we’ve left it too late.

    2003.  Higginbotham and Prutton.  #themwerethedays

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  2. On 29/09/2020 at 22:43, cambsaint said:

    I think that very skilful flair players should be given a chance.

    Recently on the televised games we have found flair players hard to deal with also strong fast forwards.

    Begs the question why don't we give hum a chance and see if he can unlock stubborn defences.

    Not many deg=fenders like a skilful dribbler running at them/


    Given he's been with us since 2016, how long a chance do you think he should be given?  Might as well extend him for another 4 years at £70k per week just to take a punt?

  3. 4 hours ago, the saint in winchester said:

    That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. And it seems to align with Ralph's. 

    For better or for worse, we seem to have given Ralph greater and greater control. If he isn't prepared to play Bouf, then it's better for him to go where he will get game time.

    But I think it's a pity. Bouf is a game changer and we need them. Ralph seems to stubbornly stick to the same group of players, even when we need fresh ideas.

    Let me know who we can get for €1.5M that is better than Boufal.


    1.5m + his £50k+ per week wages?  Well he's managed 3 PL goals since he joined in 2016 so the question should really be 'who could do worse'? 

  4. 6 hours ago, Charlie Wayman said:

    Totally agree. No idea why people take up these hostile positions when they know next to nothing about the player other than the rubbish they read on here. We have precious few precocious talents in our squad, Djenepo will be the only one if Boufal is moved on and let's be frank about it Djenepo has hardly set the world alight since his much trumpeted arrival here as one of Hasenhüttl's new breed. 

    Djenepo has managed 2 PL goals and we only signed him last year.  Boufal was signed in 2016 and has only manged 3....

    Boufal has been a colossal waste of money.  £12m in transfer fee and another £10m in wages all for the grand total of 3 PL goals.  

    Sims is by no means a world beater and is very probably not PL level but does anyone think if he was given the games that Boufal has he could have done worse than 3 PL goals (and for a fraction of the cost).

  5. On 15/09/2020 at 13:39, SuperSAINT said:

    I can see both sides - I can see the idea of not losing him for nothing next summer & getting the wages off the wage bill...

    BUT, he still offers an option we can’t really replicate off the bench.

    I certainly don’t see us spending big to replace him. 

    What exactly is that option?  A player with zero defensive ability so you wouldn't bring him on if winning a game and a player who, statistically, has an all but zero % chance of scoring a goal or providing an assist.

    You could could put me on the bench and get both of those.... 

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  6. LD has nothing to do with Chairman Gao.  For a start he doesn't have any money of his own, he had to take personal loans to buy the club in the first place and he could always put in the amounts LD was meant to be and still be well within FFP rules.

    The only plausible explanation for the whole sorry saga is that this was a form of Chinese government funding given as a type of oversees investment grant.  It was given last year, but due to the worsening relations between their government and ours was stopped for this year.  As LD Sports is not an actual company there was no contract hence why the club has nothing it can do in legal terms.

    What a mess.  No doubt this has cost the club millions.

  7. This was via my Virgin Media Tivo box V6. I also have a Firestick but that's on the TV out in the conservatory but that's way to cold to enter without appropriate clothing.


    I am also on the highest datarate bundle so bandwidth shouldn't be a problem although it was playing up a bit earlier in the evening.


    If you have Virgin cable internet it won't be a bandwidth issue but try the Firestick and see what it's like tonight. It was way better for me on Apple TV than watching through the app on my Smart TV.

  8. I looked at it too late to see anything except the highlights. Picture quality initially was abysmal, completely unwatchable, but it improved a couple of minutes later when the highlights were almost finished.


    There’s something wrong with the encoding in my opinion.


    Were you watching through the app on a Smart TV?

  9. Did anyone else watch any of Amazon's coverage last night? Watched 10 minutes of Palace v Bournemouth and gave up. Not because of the game but the picture quality.


    Can't put my finger on it but it just doesn't seem right. Not techy enough to know if it is down to frame rate, speed of streaming or the way it's filmed but it just felt wrong. Maybe down to mt equipment ? 50" HD smart tv, watched via the app on the tv. Can't really explain it, it was almost a dreamlike quality, to the eye it was like the players were always a split second slower than the ball. Seen similar definition (for want of a better word) in films, seems ok then but maybe sport is simply to fast action for it (whatever "it" is).


    I'll be watching our game tonight because it's us, but if that's the normal quality it's not something I'd subscribe to permanently.


    The problem is your end and not Amazon. We've had the same issue watching the tennis and last night's football on the Amazon app on a Samsung smart tv. As you say it was a poor quality, almost hazy and a bit jerky.


    However, I plugged in an Apple TV box and watched through that and the picture quality was the same as usually on Sky Sports and BT Sport. I think the issue is using the app on Smart TVs which seems ok for movies but not for sport.

  10. Criticism of Boufal has always been he looks flashy but does he ever deliver anything tangible. He may be doing some skillful dribbles and the like but he needs to be delivering in terms of goals/assists. 3 goals max per season (even if one is always a goal of the season contender) isn't good enough.


    Djenepo has already got a Boufal season of goals in just 2 starts.

  11. This is absolutely f*cking EVERYTHING.


    So if you didn't want to draw them, don't buy a ticket.

    If you think staying up is more important than winning this, don't buy a ticket.

    If you're not going to sing your f*cking heart out, don't buy a ticket.

    If you're going to take photos or videos, don't buy a ticket.

    If you're thinking about vlogging, don't buy a ticket.

    If you'd buy a Saints/Pompey half half scarf, don't buy a ticket.

    If you think people who don't wear replica shirts are "thugs", don't buy a ticket.


    This is the single best draw possible, absolutely buzzing for it.




  12. Well that’s a shame - having dodged the bullet before some years back thanks to the Fans Trust that pulled them out of the fire. Having not been as fortunate as our blue friends down the road who picked up Eisner, they ended up down the same street in the dodgy part of town so to speak and not been so lucky.

    My lifelong Bury supporting cousin was heavily involved in crunching the numbers for fans trust that saved them before, when some money walked through the door he ended up walking away as the money decided it knew better, and the Fans Trust was increasingly edged out of the picture. They had a Fan from the trust on the board but he ended up being there as a token gesture.

    It always made me smile when there was talk from Saints to ultimately have a fan on the board, I guess in Leon Crouch we did, and through his personal wealth we were able to hang on until Markus turned up. Roughly speaking we had a similar bunch of chancers to what Bury ended up taking trying to own our club.

    My cousin was asked for his help again as this final situation unfolded, his wife didn’t give much detail but what she did, it was obviously a much bigger mountain to climb compared to when the fans trust saved them before. There has not been much love for Mr Dale throughout his ownership.

    There has often been talk about the obscenity of money in the Premier League needing to filter down to the lower reaches of the football pyramid. You could say it has, but the water these lower clubs are swimming in is polluted with the sewerage from the clubs at the top, in that as teams have spent increasing amounts on ordinary players and Mickey Mouse salaries at the top, so the costs of running a football club in all divisions has followed the upwards trend except with very little actual money filtering from the top. Players and more likely their agents have pushed the price and wages of the key component of a football club up, beyond the actual financial means of the club.

    I worked with a bloke about 15 years ago, he played in a Sunday league side up on Tyneside. Twice a year he had to work a Sunday at a trade show and one day he mentioned that his commission from one Sunday was less than the £275 match fee he would have received had he been at home and turned out for the team. I was shocked that he was getting so much if anything for playing so far down in the Football pyramid. Where does the money come from?

    Bury use to benefit from mainly Man Utd fans popping along, to get their footie fix, when Utd were playing away. When the Glaziers moved into Man Utd and FC United was formed this extra gate receipt income dwindled as so many Man Utd fans went to watch them instead, bizarrely they played games for a while at Gigg Lane and my Cousins son went along to a couple of games and said the gate for FC Utd games was as big if not bigger than Bury home gates!


    Professional Football in this country is going to eat itself, and sadly it’s likely to be from the bottom up, as it’s not going to be another 27 gap until the next team is expelled from the Football League.


    As you can imagine my Cousin and his Shakers mad family are in bits over this............ their regular matchday ritual of many years gone - probably forever.


    It's not though is it. 100% there will be a Bury to support next season and in all probability they will be playing at Gigg Lane.

  13. Beware all owners trying to turn a quick profit.


    Ralph worked a miracle in keeping us up considering where Hughes left us. If we had gone down, with our huge wage bill, and on Championship revenue levels I think it's not that far fetched to say we could well be looking at administration by now. Certainly Gao doesn't have the funds to have been able to bail us out.

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